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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Favorite Part about Making a Quilt....

I'm going to start mixing things up a bit now. I'll continue to publish interviews with people affected by the CPSIA Law, but I'm going to add some other fun things back into this blog as well.

Today, I'm going to share with you the responses I got from a fun little thread I started on etsy. Feel free to add your own comments in the 'comment' section!

My Favorite Part about Making a Quilt is:

- when I have all of my blocks made and I lay them all out on the floor (design wall) and see how wonderful all the fabrics actually do look together. Plus, I know that I am almost done with the quilt and all that needs to be done is to sew the blocks together... -KimsCraftyApple

- I think free-motion quilting the quilt. it is fun to see how the quilting transforms the piece before my eyes. [My] least favorite is easy (not that you asked) I HATE TO BASTE!!!! - JenSport

- when it comes out of the wash and is done. LOL My least favorite part is basting too! -warmnfuzzies

- picking out the fabrics, but I also love hand sewing the binding on! - sewsillydesigns

- picking out the fabrics, but I also love hand sewing the binding on (because it's the last step)! - dollcloset

- when it's drying, but I do love laying the pieces for the top on the floor! - Quiltfinger

- I've never quilted, but it's one of those "it's almost too huge to contemplate but damn, I'd love to try" creations. - hypho

- appreciating in awe, all of the beautiful work you quilters do! - Serenities [THANKS!]

- definitely the designing! I design as I go usually and it's so much fun. - MoranArtandQuilts

- long arm quilting. My Freedom and I are dancing all over that Quilt and then I stand back and admire the outcome. - QuiltLover

- I'm a very "scrappy" quilter, so every block turns out a bit different. So my favorite part is the surprise of each blocks look! - Bonbonsandmore

- picking out the colors and designing the quilt. - AuntieTam

- the designing. - ForQuiltsSake

- picking the fabrics to go into a new creation. I love fabric and I can never seem to have enough.LOL I usually pick fabrics first and then decide on a design that I think will show them off the best. - QuiltingFrenzy

- I love quilting because its like a puzzle. You take a large piece of fabric, cut it into smaller pieces and sew it all back together again. Its very satisfying. - Jacistuff

- seeing the design in my mind come together in my hands and sewing machine. - Bygail

- I actually like all parts of the process, there honestly isn't a part I don't like. - kimbuktu

- Watching the pieces come together makes me happy. - kimonomomo

- Picking out the fabrics is #1, whether in the store, on line, or just going through my stash to see what's next. - KristinsQuilts

- I love putting the binding on, hanging the quilt on the quilt rack and enjoy looking at it. - QuiltingGranny

- The quilting is my favorite part, though I do enjoy the designing as well. Basting is also what I like the least, but I enjoy each aspect as it evolves! - Serenstitches

- I love to see it take shape on the design wall. It always is exciting to see it develop. And giving it away or having it go to someone who appreciates all the time and work and love that went into it. I feel like a piece of myself goes to live with each quilt. - UniquelyNancy

- drawing the design, picking out the fabrics and putting it all together, I love all the steps involved in quilting especially free motion quilting....except for the dreaded basting....I use water soluble thread but basting is still my least favorite part. - LashonneAbelDesigns

- sewing on the binding by hand. I love to have the quilt wrapped around my feet and legs, and I know it is almost done! If it's a quilt I am keeping or giving to a family member, I like to sleep under it one night, sort of like a Christening. Ya, weird, I know...but then I think it's a quilt. (I don't sleep under the ones I'm selling!) - NeedleLove2

- Even though I mainly do simple rag quilts - I love putting fabric together. I love playing with color. My least favorite part of the rag process is when I shake them out after they have been washed. There is lint everywhere. I shake them off on my backyard deck. Lint everywhere.The absolute best part though has to be when I have sold one at a show to a little kid and the look on their precious face as they embrace their new blankie. Nothing better than that look. - 2CraftyChix

- I'm working on my first quilt. i think my favorite part so far was picking out the fabrics. Laying them out to see how i should arrange the squares was fun too. I think I have to frog part of it though because I messed up a part of it won't be done for some time. -glyphic

- It's a toss up. I love to design a quilt but then I LOVE to long arm. All I do is free motion and it's so fun to draw with thread! - DragonflyStitches

- When I hear from my 4year old son "oh that's for me??? I love your quilt and I want to put on my bed!!" :) - withhugsandstitches

- So many! Designing, picking out what I am using in my art quilts and doing the handwork on it.... - DebiDesigns

- I enjoy most all steps in the process, but I REALLY love to sling paint at white fabric, scrunch, salt, or otherwise manipulate it and watch what happens as it dries :) After that, seeing what comes from putting things all together is lots of fun, too. I pretty much never plan things too much... - AndrusGardenQuilts

- piecing, my least favorite is basting the layers together. I also enjoy hand quilting. - OriginalsbyLauren

- the planning- picking out the fabrics, etc...and I love to piece it- to see it come least favorite part is the basting- many a quilt has sat, off to the side waiting to be basted and quilted because some new fabric has me excited to start a new quilt! -LagunaLane

I hope you enjoyed hearing every one's 'favorites' and please feel free to comment with a favorite of your own!


Anonymous said...

Picking the colors and designs are my favorite. I hate borders and binding... Karma :)

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