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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alchemy’s Last Day

Today was Alchemy’s last full day with me.  I thought I’d show her how to make a few rings and earrings like the ones I sell at TheApple

001 First we had to spread out the supplies.  I typically create jewelry in the basement but since the girls were gone I decided that we would work upstairs and enjoy the natural lighting.  002 Alchemy decided she wanted to make a pink ring.  So, first thing I did was make a pile of all potential beads/findings, etc. that might work for the pink ring. 003 Here’s what we came up with!  (Watch for the listing that will be up in the next few days)

Since it’s been such a joy to have Alchemy visit these past few days I thought I’d whip her a little quilt she can treasure forever.016 I combined a fun, bright striped fabrics with a few fabrics that I dyed myself.  then I put together a simple four patch for this wonderful result.017  I would even say there’s enough room under there for a ‘Mr. Alchemy’ someday.018scaled  Or she could even use it for a picnic at her next stop.  Alchemy is all packed up and will be making her journey to Arizona tomorrow.065 Good-bye Alchemy!  It truly has been fun and would love to have you visit anytime!  I know my girls are going to miss you!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Alchemy Learns to Quilt

008Enough with the apple orchard and the traveling – Alchemy was ready to try out quilting!  I’d have to say she did a pretty good job. 003   Here she is getting acquainted with my new baby – a Pfaff.  My real baby, the Janome is in the shop for maintenance but I’ve been really happy with my Pfaff as my ‘second-in-line’ machine.004 Now that she’s figured out the basics she was ready to start sewing.  I thought we’d start with something fairly simple with a great end effect – a tumbler quilt with the die-cut blocks I purchased from Fabric Ala Carte on etsy.  005 Alchemy is admiring my “new” vintage Sunbeam Ironmaster Iron that I recently purchased from bythewayside.   They just don’t make irons like they used to.006 With very little effort (other than lifting the iron) Alchemy was able to iron a perfect seam.007 And as you can see, in no time, Alchemy had the quilt top all pieced together.  Now I just have to send it off to my Aunt of to do the long-arm quilting. 

I think tomorrow Alchemy’s going to try out some jewelry making and probably more sewing…we’ll just have to see where the day takes us!

To keep up with Alchemy’s travels you can follow along on facebook here:

or on NiftyKnits blog here:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alchemy gets a View of the Orchard and Visits Packerland!

  I can’t even believe how busy Alchemy has been keeping us the last few days.  I have so many pictures and stories to tell you all.  108  When we got home from the Easter Egg Hunt Alchemy really wanted to get a better view of the orchard so the girls, Alchemy and I hiked up to the “lookout deck” we have on our land and took a peak at the view.  It’s a bit dreary since it’s still early spring in Wisconsin but apple blossom season will be here before you know it! 111Alchemy took a quick little break in one of our trees and was happy to see that the buds are looking good.    After our walk to take a look around the orchard it was time to pack up truck – we were on our way up to Packerland (aka Green Bay, WI).  My Grandma Landwehr turned 90 today so we went to stay with my parents the night before the party. 114 My parents gave Alchemy a good Wisconsin welcome – my mom with some wine…115 my dad, a sip of beer…116 I also shared my beer with Alchemy.  At this point he’s feeling pretty good.117   My parents were happy to spend some one on one time with our girls while Jared, Alchemy and I snuck out to the DePere theatre to see The Blind Side, enjoy popcorn and yup, you guessed it – more beer.  I was able to take a quick snapshot of Alchemy eyeing up the popcorn just before the movie started.  120 Cedi and Capri were in bed by the time we got back to my parents house so we decided it was time to show Alchemy how to play Dominoes.  121       128   Here she is, helping me give my Dad the evil eye – he’s quite the competitor and it was nice to have a friendly smile on my side.  131 My brother, Brian, showed up later that night and watched along while we finished up our game.  132       In the last round, it was anyone’s game and I made one wrong move in the end and lost by just a few points to my hubby, Jared.   I was happy to walk away from that table with second place and I think Alchemy had a good time.  139 We stopped to say Hi to my Grandma Van before heading to my other grandma’s birthday celebration.  Alchemy was so happy that she was able to meet so many of my family members.  140   And here is the birthday girl – my grams, Grace Landwher – 90 years old!  141It was wonderful that so many of her relatives were able to make it.  Alchemy was  a bit overwhelmed when she realized that there were seven women there that all looked alike.  Over 90 people showed up to celebrate this day with my grandma – a well deserved crowd considering she had 13 children (7 girls, 6 boys)!   (above is just a quick snap shot of one potion of the room of people that came)143     Alchemy patiently waited for her turn to hit the buffet.  The food was delicious, the company better, and the occasion joyous!148 We couldn’t have gone all the way up to Green Bay and not at least driven by the legendary Lambeau Field.  So we took a minor detour on our journey home showed Alchemy the home of the Green Bay Packers.149As you can see – she was in awe!

I have my girls tomorrow, but I still should be able to get Alchemy to help me create a few things.  We are all done with major trips/events for a few days and it’s time to have her help me get down to business.  I wonder how she’ll do with the sewing machine?  It looked like she was pretty good at basket making so I’m sure she’ll be fine… 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alchemy – the Traveling Meerkat has Arrived at Lapacek’s Orchard

007I joined the etsy treasury team (etteam) back in 2009 and it’s been nothing but fun ever since.   When I first heard about NiftyKnits plan to send two of her adorable meerkats on a trip around the world to visit various etteam teammates I signed up immediately.  After months of waiting – Alchemy finally arrived in my mailbox yesterday afternoon.  She had a fairly short journey to Wisconsin after spending some fun packed days at GloriousHats farm in Minnesota.  005My girls, Cedi and Capri were really happy to meet Alchemy.  They covered her with kisses right away!006 


008  Alchemy then helped me address my ‘postcard’ to Satori, a teammates daughter who is in the hospital (to learn more go here: or here if you’re not on facebook: we headed out on our errands, Alchemy decided to help Farmer Frank (aka Grandpa) do some skidster work.   011 Cedi and I had to run into town to run errands.  Alchemy decided to ride along.  She was tired from the his trip from Minnesota so this gave her some time to catch up.  012 013  Before I knew it – they were both sleeping on me!015 But, Alchemy woke up when I announced that we were going through the carwash.  She wanted to see what that was all about.   017    Turns out it was a pretty uneventful wash but the van looks great now!021Being that we live in Wisconsin and it’s a Friday night, we had to head over for a fish fry.  Here are the girls and I waiting to be seated – Capri is fast asleep.022  Alchemy wanted to curl up next to her but soon our name was called so we had to eat.  023 Alchemy liked to hide on me so I have decided to give her a temporary home in one of my origami bags.  Hopefully she won’t hide on me since it’s such a fun and bright bag.  024  Today, we had to be up and ready for the Easter Egg Hunt in Poynette.  Alchemy had fun riding in Cedi’s easter basket.  026        Then she wanted to try to peak and see what was in the eggs before the little kids grabbed them up. 034 Alchemy had to meet the Easter bunny (Cedi was a bit intimidated but at least we got a picture with Capri)035 I think Alchemy has a new best buddy!036  Before we left the hunt, Alchemy insisted that she get to go for a ride on the bright red Fire truck.  Can you find her in the picture below?038

We’ve had Alchemy for less than 24 hours but as you can see we’re keeping her busy and showing her all the sites.  I have another fun event to take her to tomorrow morning that I can’t wait to share with you.  Stop by tomorrow night and see what’s happened!

I’ll be blogging about the rest of Alchemy’s visit with us at the orchard in the days to come but if you want to keep track and catch up on where the meerkats have traveled thus far check out the Facebook Fanpage:

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