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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shoofly – Don’t Bother Me…

sfSomething terrible happened to me last week.  It’s still hard for me to even think about.  I received the most horrible feedback about a quilt from a customer that I could ever imagine.  I’m sure some are wondering why I would be blogging about this publicly, but the thing is, the feedback is already public, AND it’s completely unjustifiable.   I feel that I need to share my side of the situation.  Once I get it out there I hopefully can move past this and keep creating as I know I’m able to.sf2The feedback was about my Shoofly Quilt that I created for the very first Project QUILTING challenge.  All the pictures I’m showing you in this post are the exact pictures that were on the listing for the quilt.   sf3 Here’s the listings description of the quilt:

Gorgeous hand-dyed fabric, a stunning floral print commercial print and an earthy branch commercial print are combined to create this look for your wall. Fibers sewn onto part of the hand-dyed fabric add a great textural element to this quilt. This wall quilt will become a family heirloom for many years to come.

Approximate Size: 31.75" x 31.75"

The Story Behind the Quilt:
This quilt was my entry for the first Project Quilting Challenge. More details on Project Quilting can be found on

I started with a piece of fabric I dyed and a fun floral printed fabric. I decided that I would 'make' my own striped fabric. I did this by taking a portion of the hand-dyed fabric and machine stitching different fibers - some that I had dyed, some commercial - across the fabric. I absolutely love the effect it had. It did make ironing during the piecing portion of the quilt a bit tricky. Due to miss calculation of fabric amounts I did not have enough of the hand-dye to put as the center blocks of my shoofly. So, I took a interesting directional branch fabric and pieced them together to create either 'circles' or 'x's' in each square. Eight of them went together just fine but after two tries with the center one (late at night) I scratched it and just used a lighter value square of the hand-dyed fabric. I think created an almost 'bordered' feel in the quilt with out actually adding a border. I decided to keep the quilting simple and did some rectangles and diamonds. There was enough going on with the color, texture and pattern in the quilt.

sf4 I will now go into the messy details of the bad feedback *deep breath*

Here’s what the customer had to say after she got the quilt in the mail:

I was extremely disapponted with this purchase!! It was advertised as a "quilt" but it barely has any quilting on it. It feels and looks more like a piece of cloth that the seller added some stiching to. Basically a piece of junk and not worth the $90.00 dollars she charged for it. I would never buy from her again.

sf5 I’m sure you can imagine that I was horrified to read this.  I immediately emailed the buyer with:

Hi Gail,

I just read the feedback you left about the quilt you recently purchased from me.  Please send me the quilt back and I will refund you in full and pay for the shipping expense it inflicts on you.  I don't want anyone that doesn't like my work to be stuck with it and I would rather keep it.  I'm so sorry about your disappointment in your purchase.

Kim Lapacek

my address

And she eventually responded:

Frankly,  I don't feel like taking the time to go to the Post Office and what guarantee do I have that you will refund the money?
So I will keep it.  lesson learned.

My thought’s here - $90+shipping isn’t worth the time to go the Post Office – wow!  I’m trying really hard to hold my emotions in as I type this…

I replied


I am really disappointed about this.  I would say that my 11 pages of positive feedback in the last 3+ years as a seller on etsy would be the guarantee that I would refund your money. 

I am absolutely sick about this.  I would really really really like to have my quilt back.

Kim Lapacek

And finally from the buyer:

I will send back the "quilt" once I receive a full refund.


Although it sickens me to think that someone would call my quilt ‘junk’ still has it in her possession there is absolutely no way that I would refund her money without the quilt back in my possession.  There’s a few reasons for this.

  1. First – how do I know she’ll send it back?  Maybe this is a scam where she’s just really mean to me and tries to get my money and my quilt.
  2. Second – what store would do that?  If clothes from Old Navy don’t fit me I don’t get my money back before I return the clothes.  That’s just not how it works.

I honestly feel that my pictures and description are completely accurate for this piece.  I’m beyond hurt at what this person said about my quilt and can’t believe anyone would think that, let alone leave that on my feedback without contacting me first about there feelings.  It would be one thing entirely if she had said something like, “Oh, the quilt isn’t what I was imagining it would be…etc…” but her comments are completely without cause.  You can even seen the exact quilting that was done in the last few photo’s as well as the sentences, “I decided to keep the quilting simple and did some rectangles and diamonds. There was enough going on with the color, texture and pattern in the quilt.” in the description. 

This whole situation is completely frustrating to me.  It makes my stomach hurt and I wish I could just drive down to Georgia and get my quilt back.  But I can’t.  So, I had to post ‘my side’ of this terrible situation and now I’m ready to move past it.

And, to end this bad experience on a bad note, I recently sold a few other quilts and here’s what the buyers had to say:

artQuilted Wall Art - Columns and Circles - Inspired by the Project QUILTING OFfice Supply ChallengeColumns and Circles Quilted Wall Art from KimsCraftyApple


Fabulous! Eye-catching, bright, witty, silly, makes me laugh out loud! I used to have a dark corner in my front hall, now that corner is full of fun and vibrant color. Love it.

 Houndstooth Lap quilt One person purchased my houndstooth Houndstooth Lap Quilt andsqaures my Geometric Madness Lap Quilt.

And I just heard from her,

Excellent seller and beautiful items, love the brilliant mix of colour! Thanks so much!


Susie Greblo said...

Aw Kim. That stinks. You are right to shoo this lady's bad words away. I'm going to guess that she experiences similar dissatisfaction and uses hurtful words habitually in her life. You had the misfortune to step in to her toxic path. I hope very much that the quilt will come back to you, and that the unkindness of this lady flies away from you soon! - Susie

Wendy said...

Shame on her and bless your broken heart, Kim! Your work is beautiful and you have loads of very well deserved accolades. I wish you very quick recovery from a very nasty, bitter old stick! Be well.

Unknown said...

What goes around comes around, Kim. You are a lovely and kind soul, and I know you are done with this now and are ready to move on to lots of fabulous buyers who will love and appreciate your gorgeous and amazing quilts!!

Shoo fly, indeed!!



Miss Hillbilly said...

Wow that was mean!! It makes me wonder what she has left for others.

I have toyed off and on with the etsy idea for sometime and it is things like this that make me not want to do it. I just feel like the person can see them in person and know what they are getting so they don't have any excuses. Of course, the stuff is sitting in crates because I never can get to craft shows... What a cycle!

You do fabulous work and I am sure this is really eating at you. I am sorry!

FabricFascination said...

I am so sorry you have had this happen Kim. I'm surprised too that Etsy doesn't remove the bad feedback with the proof of your emails back and forth to this customer. I trust that God will turn this lemon into lemonade for you. Your work is unique and wonderful, and this person's attack doesn't change that.

Ebony Love said...

I totally, totally sympathize with you Kim. There are just some people in this world who can't be happy unless they make someone else miserable. If you are happy with the quilt, and happy with how you handled the situation, that's the only thing you can control. Soon, you'll have so many new sales and good feedback that no one will even see that thing.

Raige Creations said...

We can see from the photos that your work is not a piece of junk, and you clearly describe it. What a snob if you ask me, and I wouldn't spend another minute worrying over such people, when there are so many others who appreciate and love your work. Concentrate on the good, and let the rest slide.

BryeLynn said...

I know it is hard not to be hurt by this horrible women. You have 3 pages of positive feedback - read them over and over again and know they are the truth. You are definitely in the right on this one and your customer service is what every buyer would want. She obviously was looking for money back but was trying to keep her purchase - probably because she liked it. I love your work and I would love to see it posted for the community on

StudioCherie said...

I hope her feedback post gets buried quickly by new positives. You are an amazing artist and you constantly astound me with your creativity. Do not let this unhappy person steal your freedom. I am impressed with your professional emails to her. You are a great example of grace. Thank you for sharing, Kim!
<3 Cherie

PrettyCoolShops said...

{{HUGS}} to you! It's always surprising how hurtful complete strangers can be, and with no cause!! That quilt is beautiful, and your responses to that person were completely and admirably appropriate. Shame on her, and I believe in karma 8^)

Mishka said...

Oh Kim, I'm so sorry you've had to go through this. I can only imagine how incredibly hurt you must be by this. Please know that you did the right thing by offering her a complete refund once she sends the quilt back to you. Under no circumstances should you even consider refunding her before it is returned to you.


Maril said...

this is so frustrating!! but no much we can do about people like that.
I´m Happy you are ready to move on, for some reason a bad word is more touching than million nices ones like you have. but time and nice people are all around and we support your fabulous work Kim!!!
So shake this person and feel from your mind =)
Hugs Kim!
Maril ( divinalocura)

Midnightcoiler said...

Kim, You have so many friends and acquaintances who admire you and your beautiful work. Glad you're moving on.

Chris Daly said...

I'm sad to hear your story Kim. You are so passionate about what you create and lend lots of support to other businesswomen. I'm sorry to see that you were treated so disrespectfully.

Cara said...

What a miserable person she must be. I feel sorry for those around her. I think you are probably correct in thinking that this is a scam she has pulled before. Hopefully, posting about it will help you get past it. Best wishes.

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