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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a Day Can Magnolia Tree!

I took these pictures when I was outside tonight...just one day later than yesterday. I'm sure you are going to understand why I had to try at least one more time to have a Magnolia Tree in my yard :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Magnolia Tree - Take 2

I admit it...I live on and own and operate an apple orchard and I can't grow ANYTHING! It's a bit ridiculous.

When I was attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison, I used to walk to school along Old University Avenue in the Spring and see all these gorgeous trees full of the most beautiful flowers! I told my husband that I really wanted one of those trees. Then I told his parents the same thing. Two years ago, they brought me my very own Magnolia tree home for my birthday. I proceeded to kill didn't even make a year. But...I didn't give up. The next year, I convince my husband to give me one more chance and we bought another magnolia tree...which we planted near the old, dead one. And...a year later...I'm happy to share with you pictures of it starting to bloom! Can't even tell you how proud of myself!

Monday, April 27, 2009


YEAH! My Spring Flower's - Pastels quilt made the front page of etsy this morning! I'm so excited! It's the first time I've ever been on the front page! Thank you twolefthands!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quiltsy Etsy Street Team Presents: May Daze!

The Quiltsy Etsy Street Team Presents:
May Daze!

May 10 -16, 2009

Play our game during May Daze and you could win one of these fabulous prizes!


Has the long, cold winter left you in a daze? Well, Quiltsy is celebrating the coming of spring in a big way, with an assortment of prizes worth $350!!

Our May Daze promotion is sure to waken your adventurous spirit with a lively game of hide & seek through participating shops. While the game is being hosted, you will also be treated to special promotions offered by each shop which can range from free shipping, to free gifts and/or discounts. Winners of our game will receive prizes from among our most popular-selling items.

Quiltsy Team members are quite a creative bunch, and you will find within the items for sale new twists on traditional quilts, as well as other delightful items in the fiber arts arena.


  1. Your objective is to find the secret letters hidden within listings of participating shops. These letters will be placed in one of the 4 alternate pictures in a listing of the seller's choosing.

  2. There are SIX words in total, and 35 shops. The letters that belong in the same word will be the same color to help you unscramble.

  3. The letters will be hidden in a quilt-related item; the seller may opt to give a clue, so be sure to read the shop intro!

  4. Once you have located all the pictures, unscramble the matching letters to form a quilt related word/phrase.

  5. Send your answer in a convo to QuiltsyTeam. (You will need to sign in to Etsy). Please include the words "May Daze" in the subject line.

  6. For each correct answer, you will get an entry to win one of six prize packages. The number of prizes in your package is determined by the length of the word. So for example, if you unscrambled the word "lotion", and your name is drawn from the correct entries, you would win six prizes!

  7. We encourage you to buy from participating shops, but there is no purchase necessary to enter or win.

  8. Winners will be drawn from among the correct answers received. Winners will receive notification of their winning entry by May 25, 2009. You will be asked to provide your shipping address at that time.

  9. Your prizes will be shipped direct to you from the shop giving the prize. This is great because you will get little surprises in your mailbox over several days. How fun!


  1. No Quiltsy Team members or their families may play.

  2. Drawing only valid for correct answers received between 12:00 AM EST May 10 through 11:59 PM EST May 16, 2009

  3. Only one entry per user per word. So you cannot submit "lotion" over and over; but you could submit "lotion" and "soap" to get two entries.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our May Daze promotion! Good luck!


Please visit for the complete list of shops and to play the game!!!

Remember: you are looking for letters like this in one of the images of a listed item in their shops!

Written by LoveBug Studios. Letter image provided by ForQuiltsSake. Prize photos submitted by participating shops.

Whoever wins the item from KimsCraftyApple will be recieving this hand-dyed quilted zippered pouch!
Saturday, April 25, 2009

Treasury Saturday – April 25th

I am putting this post together on Friday actually since I will be leaving bright and early for Minnesota for my cousin’s wedding on Saturday (I’m planning on posting right before I leave).  Happy Wedding Day Claire!  Can’t wait to see you!

As I predicted…not as many treasuries anymore…although, I did make one called ‘theApple’ and I must not have saved it…ooops.  It was all apple and apple blossom related items as a way to promote my new shop, 'theApple’.  Clever, huh?


circlesandsquaresbedroom-knitsyoursknotmine-042009This treasury is called ‘Circles and Squares Bedroom’ and was made by Knityoursknotmine.   She chose to feature my raggy bullseye quilt among these other great works. 







I put this gorgeous treasury together and called it ‘Pink Champagne’.  It was inspired by Barb’s Pink Champagne Quilted Wall Hanging. 





    This treasuy is called ‘Recycled Teal’ and was put together by thatsomething.  She featured my Upcycled Teal Fabric Bangle that is now for sale at theApple







SewUpScale put together this treasury called Water and Shine.  It features my Blue Tides Bracelet which is also now for sale at theApple.






And that now concludes Treasury Saturday this week!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Meet Tara from RevivalInk!

I found this fabulous shop when I was doing some 'virtual shopping' for my birthday wish list. I just love the prints that she puts onto her clothes. Every time I stop by her shop I find more things that I want! Now you get a chance to meet the woman behind the shop!

When did you first start creating things?
When I was in elementary school, I started making jewelry, and puff-painting clothing.

What were the first things you created? and how did your creativity progress from there?
Well, I never thought the puff-painted shirts would evolve into me learning to screen print. I was actually pretty un-creative for several years, until I started college. While I was earning my Bachelors in Fine Art in graphic design at Cornish College of the Arts I started screen printing. My company was actually my Senior Thesis project, and I launched it at the BFA show in 2007.

How did you come up with your shop name?
When I started out I was printing on vintage clothing, and the idea was reviving old clothing with beautiful artwork. My boyfriend actually thought of the name: Revival Ink,since I screen print with ink. Now that I've moved from vintage clothing to organic clothing, I like to think of the name "Revival Ink" as standing for a revival of the natural, eco-friendly way of doing things. As well as a revival of the handmade process. My whole printing process is done by hand, in the basement of my house. All of my printing inks are water-based, and contain no harmful chemicals.

Is this your only business or do you do other things as well?
Revival Ink is my full-time business, and I love every minute of it.

Do you still dream about making other things? If so, what?
Well, I'm always dreaming up new artwork designs, and finding new styles of garments to print on. My next goal is to get into printing my designs on more high-end designer clothing styles, like long prairie coats or fancy party dresses.

How did you hear about Etsy?
I've been on Etsy so long I can't remember how I first heard about it...Maybe one of my customers told me?

Any words of advice to others?
Follow your dreams! Even if you have to have a string of meaningless jobs to get there, don't settle. Keep going, and you will find the profession that makes you happy. It takes time.

Now that you've met the artist behind these great screen printed clothing I hope you take some time to browse her fabulous shop and check out her blog!
Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Quilts from Diane

I have had these three gorgeous quilts in my procession now for way too long! I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get them listed!

The first one I’m going to talk about is Porcupine Pineapple.

My mother-in-law, Diane, is responsible for this gorgeous quilt. This quilt016 is about as scrappy as you can get. It is made from beautiful country colored fabrics. A person could spend hours looking at it and have trouble finding two pieces that are the same. The amount of love and energy that went into this quilt is unfathomable.

Once Diane was finished piecing the top, she sent it to her sister, Barb ( to do the machine quilting. The quilting that Barb put on this quilt really accents the design. She did a marquis shape that starts small and gets bigger and projects from the center of each ‘pineapple’. Then Barb quilted a separate design in the border to really frame the inner beauty of the quilt.

The back of the quilt is pieced with a variety of burgundy printed cotton fabric. I feel it really adds the homey, cozy feel of this quilt.

Quilt Measures Approximately: 82” x 95” Fit a Queen Size bed and would be a coverlet on a King.


The next quilt I’m going to talk about is Diane’s Montana Star. She put this quilt together for the 2007 Quilts By Barb Quilt Retreat to help demonstrate the ‘square in a square’ technique. Other than the black border, this quilt is made entirely with fabric that Diane hand-dyed herself. The colors are so rich and beautiful.

Once the quilt top was completed, Diane sent it to her sister, Barb ( to quilt using her long-arm machine. It really added that perfect final touch to the quilt.

The back is pieced with a gorgeous floral cotton fabric that matches the front of the quilt.

Approximate Size: 93” x 107”. It will fit a King Size Bed and Drape over a Queen nicely.


The last quilt I’m going to be listing and talking about today is Summer Beauty Log Cabin Quilt. (I’m open to suggestions on the name!). This quilt is almost hard to describe because it is just so beautiful.

Diane put this stunning quilt together for the 2008 Quilts by Barb Quilt Retreat to help demonstrate the log cabin project. It is made entirely of fabric that she hand-dyed herself.

Once the top was painstakingly pieced together she sent it to her sister, Barb ( to quilt on her long-arm machine. Barb did an amazing job with the quilting. Each different area of color is quilted with a different pattern. It is truly stunning.

A beautiful pink floral fabric makes up the back of this quilt.

Approximate Size: 96” x 96”. Will fit a a Queen or a King.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Frecklebox Review and Giveaway from StlMommy

I just have to get as many possilbe entries to this giveaway as possible..CEDI would love a book from Frecklebox!

Make sure to enter to win one for your child/grandchild/niece/nephew/favorite kid in your life!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Park City Girl: Quilt Festival - Spring 2009

Fellow Quilters or those who just love/adore quilts! Make sure you don't miss this! What a fabulous idea!

Park City Girl: Quilt Festival - Spring 2009

Here's the link to my entry:'s the Woven Wonder quilt that I completed and blogged about a few months ago!

Treasury Saturday – April 18th

Yes, it is Saturday again! This will probably my last long treasury showcasing. Rules have changed and you are now only able to make one treasury at a time…either the main treasury or treasury west. This inevitably means I will not be able to create as many treasuries as I have been in the past. Oh well, I guess I don’t have to stress about it as much but I really enjoy curating treasuries…


This treasury is called ‘Beautiful’ and was created by cyndesplace. She chose to feature one of my Floral Quilted Bags.


‘Spring Fling’ is a fabulous treasury created last night by peekabooproductions. She featured my Spring Flowers – Pastel Quilt, the winner of the EtsyBABY spring fling challenge, in this gorgeous collection!

Springtimeinetsyville-kims-041709 This is my latest main treasury called SpringTime in EtsyVille! I found some gorgeous teal and green items that reminded me of spring!


This is another treasury that I curated. I called it ‘falling stars’ since it is full of items that I wish I could purchase.


EtsyBaby put this treasury together and it is called “Oh My” featuring many of the baby faces behind the amazing products of team EtsyBaby. My Sweet Cupcake Child Apron is featured in this adorable collection!


I called this treasury ‘soothing b and b’ and I featured a gorgeous variety of blue and brown items.


My mother-in-law’s Stormy Rainbow Quilt is featured in this bright Colour Burst treasury created by cynmb.


Karma’s Off Kilter Frog Baby Quilt is featured in this colorful treasury called ‘Quilts of Many Colors’ created by ForQuiltsSake.


I was honored to have one of my Floral Quilted Bags featured in ‘My First Treasury’ by corrcreations.

I will try to get Treasury Saturday actually posted on Saturday but we are heading out of town for a wedding so it may turn into Treasury Sunday…we’ll just have wait and see! Thanks for joining me on this weeks edition of Treasury Saturday!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet Shepard from Alphabulous!

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Shepard from the etsy store Alphabulous! It is a cute and whimsical store that will help you personalize your child's clothing (or yours if you chose!) Enjoy!

Tell me a little bit about your background in arts and crafts.

I have a BA in art and have taken additional classes for jewelry and mosaics. I am a "fiddler" (not the musician). I fiddle with things all the time and have a need to create new things. I love the challenge of trying to figure things out too.

When did you first start creating things?

I have always worked for a living so after I had my first child, I needed to do something that I could afford to do and that wouldn't require leaving him.

What were the first things you created? and how did your creativity progress from there?

The first things I created were hand painted, beaded and sewn tooth fairy pillows. They were elaborate and fun but too pricey for what people wanted to pay. Then I developed my collection into things you wouldn't see in shops or something that comes off an assembly line. I wanted my customer to feel they got something for a great price too. That's why I love Etsy. Shopping on it is like being in a huge gallery. It's perfect for me.

How did you come up with your shop name?

My twin came up with the name years ago and never had a collection to match it. I created my line and we put the two together. She is based in London and sells it on her web site and at shows under

Is this your only business or do you do other things as well?

My grown up self makes jewelry and folksie crosses and sells it on Etsy too at I am learning that business too.

Do you still dream about making other things? If so, what?

I always want to keep my line fresh so I keep looking for inspiration. I find it every day on Etsy.

How did you hear about Etsy?

I saw an ad in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion and couldn't believe it really existed. I could live my dream without having to own an actual store front, hire people and make risky investments. And it only costs me 20 cents!! It is fabulous. I enjoy logging on every day.

Any words of advice to others?

Get inspired, make friends with fellow Etsians and most of all just do it. I know that sounds cliche but you'll never know 'til you try. And it's fun!

How will the new law by CPSIA affect you and your shop?

I was so amazed at how that law was written. I know it meant well but I hope the kinks will be worked out by this time next year. I will have to use certified "lead free" fabrics and adhesives. And if they don't exist I will have to change what I sell. I can't afford to do all the testing it requires. It's too much.

I love Etsy Baby and thinks it's such an important team on Etsy. - Shepherd

I hope you all take a few minutes to browse through Alphabulous and add some fabulous items to your wish list!
Thursday, April 16, 2009

What A Day!

With all the drama on my birthday yesterday (which is a whole other story...for another time) I'm happy to say this day has been going really well!

First, Scott, from the Poynette Press just came out and did an interview and took pictures for a story on for the paper. I'm very excited to see how that comes out! Publicity, publicity, publicity.

Then, I found out that my Patchwork Corduroy Quilt WON the etsyBABY story time challenge!

And to top it off - my Spring Flowers - Pastels Quilt was chosen by one of the editors of the FaveCraftsBlog to be featured in one of their blog articles!

Now, to finish the day...a sale would be perfect :)
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Adventure's In KimsCraftyApple's World

I have been a very unmotivated blogger recently and I even have a list of things to write about!

I'll just tell you about my last few days...maybe some will be interested.

So, Capri is STILL sick. She had gooky eyes last Friday and I took her in to get them looked at...if they turned pink they would be pink eye and I would have to start her on antibiotics...they never turned pink but continued to gook. I called again today and they said to start the antibiotics (even though they are NOT pink) but I shouldn't bring her in unless she has a 101^ fever or symptoms continue for FOURTEEN days! Doesn't that seem like a ridiculously long time to make a baby girl suffer. I think so...

I joined a gym (the Prairie Athletic Club in Sun Prairie) on Monday (the girls were with Diane). It was sort of a bad time to join since Capri is sick...can't bring her to the now I can only go when the girls are with Diane until Capri gets healthy again. Oh well...I'll have to work into it slowly. I LOVE love love the machines...they all have TV's right on them. I went around the noon hour and watched days of our lives as I ran/walked. It was fabulous! Once I get comfortable there and figure out the timing involved in checking the girls into the child care I plan on trying out some of the MANY classes they offer. There is also an AMAZING water park that I plan on taking the girls to LOTS this summer.

When I joined the gym that asked to see my driver's license...which then reminded me that...oops, my license would be expiring on Wednesday (tomorrow). Must go to the DMV. Frank and Diane (my inlaws) had a meeting this morning so I packed the girls up (including miserable Capri), drove to Madison, put them in the double stroller and got in line. Amazingly, it ended up taking me less than a half hour to get my licensed renewed! And, I was able to change the weight since it has dropped drastically since my last renewal! That was definately exciting.

Today, I just heard from Scott of the Poynette Press (my local newspaper) and they put a story about etsy on the budget for next weeks paper! More exciting news! He's coming by to talk to me and take some pictures of me working on Thurdsay. Boy, do I have A LOT of cleaning up to do!

So, that's the latest adventures in my life (oh and tomorrow's my birthday!). I'll write some more exciting crafty stories later this week...hopefully :)
Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shop Makeover – Onesie Pictures

I have been on now for a little over a year. If anyone has been watching my shop through this time I’m hoping you have noticed that I’ve been working very hard to improve my pictures.

For a long time I didn’t even bother to put up pictures of my jewelry because I couldn’t take a decent picture. Then I learned about light boxes and my husband made me one and now I have jewelry posted.

The key for my quilts and bags seem to be natural light…I don’t have a big enough light box set up for these larger objects.

Last night, I told my husband that I needed him to put up a clothes line with ‘a nice view’ for me to take pictures of onesies. His response, “why don’t you use the deer fence?” Of course! Why DON’T I use the deer fence?!!!

Before, I was laying a black blanket (the only solid blanket I have) over a chair, laying the onesies on it and taking a picture. Here are a few examples:

il_430xN_47568584 il_430xN_47748095 il_430xN_49457579

So, last night, I ran outside and took a few pictures of my ‘Horizon’ dyed onesies on the deer fence.

024 042

045 I think I like the outdoor pictures a little better…what do you think?


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Treasury Saturday – April 11th

YUP! It’s Saturday again and you know what that means! Time to see some gorgeous treasuries that were put together this past week!

woot-stubborndog-041009The first one I’m going to show you is called ‘Woot’ and StubbornDog put it together. She featured my Noon to Midnight Whimsical Button Cuff bracelet among lots of other fabulous things!

Color My World Sew Fabulous was put together by colormyworldsewfabulous-cyndesplace-040609CyndesPlace and features my Sweet Cupcake Child’s Apron – DARK PURPLE (modeled by my beautiful daughter Cedi!).

browsinbutIshouldbequiltin-JenSport-040409JenSport put together this fabulous duration of quilts and she called it ‘Browsin’ and I should be Quiltin’. She features my mother-in-law’s Stormy Rainbow Quilt.


Mellow Yellow was put together by OriginalsbyLauren and she featured my original Spring Flowers Quilt.

dreaminginCOLOR-kims-040809I put this fabulously colorful treasury together and I called it “Dreaming in COLOR”. I just love colors of all kind and found some really fierce things here!

QuiltsbyBarb, my aunt, put togetherGarden-quiltsbybarb-040509 the treasury GARDEN and she featured my Vibrant Garden Quilted Bag along with other garden inspired items.

lavendar 4bunnies-brenniesquilts-040509BrenniesQuilts put together this treasury named ‘Lavendar + 4 Bunnies’ and featured my Pearlesque Ocean Earrings. This is their first feature in a treasury.

ROY-040909-kimsI put together this treasury and I called it R O Y. ROY stands for Red Orange Yellow (from ROYGBIV – the Rainbow). I chose gorgeous items that were all either red, orange or yellow as you can see…


DandyApple made this treasury Spring Is in the Air and Featured my Spring Flowers – Pastel Quilt.

Springisintheair-tinsandtreasures-040809TinsandTreasures also put together a ‘Spring is in the air treasury and also chose to include my Spring Flowers – Pastel Quilt! I guess it reminds quite a few people of spring!

springtonic-pamelaquilts-040909 The third treasury my Spring Flower’s – Pastels Quilt was featured in this last week was ‘Spring Tonic’ put together by PamelasQuilts .

whatdowehaveincommon-quiltsewpieceful-040609QuiltSewPieceful put together this treasury ‘What Do We Have In Common’ and featured my mother-in-law’s beautiful Kaddywampus Star Quilt.


I think that in CacheCreekQuilt’s Treasury ‘Timeless Treasures’ my daughter steals the show with her adorable modeling of the Sweet Cupcake Child’s Apron – DARK PURPLE . But, I may be slightly bias being her mother and all!

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