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Monday, January 26, 2009

An Interview with Hilda from WarmandFuzzyBaby UPDATED 2/22/10

Time to meet Hilda from WarmandFuzzyBaby...yet another adorable shop about to basically be closed down if something doesn't change...

Tell me a little bit about your background in arts and crafts.
I am a stay at home mom. I was a critical care nurse who started selling on Etsy after rediscovering crocheting. I`ve seen my mom crocheting my whole life and took an interest in it since I was a little girl. She also taught me how to sew yo yo`s at the age of four which has also become a lifelong joy. Sewing that is.
When did you first start creating things?
I started at the age of four.
What were the first things you created? and how did your creativity progress from there?
I started making yo yo`s using inexpensive fabric and a yarn needle. I found it amazing. Crocheting was a way of amusing myself until the past two years. I have also started to make crochet patterns like crazy!
Is this your only business or do you do other things as well?
This is my only business. other than being a stay at home mom!
Do you still dream about making other things? If so, what?
I love making many many things Like: hairbows, sewing, ATC`s ACEO`S, card making, tags, the list is endless and I would need 42 hours a day just on Etsy if I wanted to sell any of it.
How did you hear about Etsy?
A friend found it looking for a pattern.
Any words of advice to others?
Never give up on your dreams. Never stop creating and being supportive because that will be your artistic legacy. It is a powerful lesson to teach your children.
How will the new law by CPSIA affect you and your shop?
I will not be able to sell any of my handmade items since they were geared to kids under 12. I will have to sell only patterns leaving me short.

Unfortunately Hilda has found that she needs to put her family first and has decided to close her shop. Updated 2/22/10


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for taking interest in my shop. I know we are going to overcome this obstacle. Failing is not an option for many.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much in taking interest in my shop and all my work. I feel this is but an obstacle and we will overcome it as a group.

bananaicecream said...

Great artical. I belive we will overcome this. I really love your pictures, so cute!

I just wanted to let you know that you've been tagged :), If you need info on how this works feel free to check out my blog post on it.

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