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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Keyword’s For Etsy’s Front Page – Oct. 26 th – Nov. 2nd

Happy November!  Merchandising has changed once again for this month.  Here’s a summary taken from the ETTEAM thread on etsy, from bytheway:

November Merchandising Themes

  • Items made from sturdy fabrics, fibers, and yarns:
    • cashmere
    • industrial felt
    • silk
    • raw silk
    • wool
    • burlap
    • canvas.
  • Autumn and winter entertaining leading up to Thanksgiving:
    • creative and unique tabletop accoutrement
    • dinnerware,
    • glassware and bar
    • table linens
    • food for your feast
    • centerpieces
    • invitations
    • menus
    • hostess gifts
  • Winter fashion
    • warm layers
    • boots
    • bags
    • accessories
    • jewelry
    • legwear
    • emerging industry trends
  • Holiday gift-giving: personalized and custom gift options, stocking stuffers
  • Paper goods:
  • holiday card sets
  • thank you card sets
  • invitations
  • 2010 calendars
  • gift tags
  • favors.

November trends:

  • woodland
  • tribal
  • wintry motifs
  • metallics
  • winter hues of
    • gem tones
    • reds
    • whites
    • silvers
    • greens
    • blues.
  • Vintage objects repurposed into decor and storage solutions along with eco-friendly options are topping the trends this season.

November –

  • citrine
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius

November is known as

  • Real Jewelry Month
  • Peanut Butter Lovers Month
  • Aviation History Month.
  • November 11: Veterans Day
  • November 16: Button Day
  • November 20: Twilight
  • New Moon Movie Premiere
  • November 26: Thanksgiving
  • November 27: Black Friday
  • November 30: Cyber Monday


KEYWORD (Search Term)

  • paper dolls
  • tribal
  • recycled
  • olive
  • romantic
  • burlap
  • natural modern
  • travel
  • papercut
  • spooky
  • pinecone
  • woodland x 2
  • cottage
  • cabin
  • autumn accessories
  • modern
  • hello
  • linen
  • winter accessories
  • lumberjack



  • Vampire Tales
  • an autumn harvest x 2
  • morning coffee
  • linen
  • winter holidays x 3
  • winter weddings x 2
  • natural history x 2
  • romance
  • retro holiday
  • miniatures
  • woodland holiday



  • Create an Etsy Holiday x 2
  • Gift Ideas Under $100


I hope this is helping you!  Would love to have some feedback on these posts. 


debbabcock said...

Thanks, this is very helpful!

Glorious Hats said...

Oh Kim, this is a lovely concise outline - for someone such as myself who generally uses 10 words when one would do, it is often hard to pick out the essence- thank you for doing that. It is very helpful.

StudioCherie said...

Thank you for keeping track and summarizing the keywords Etsy uses on their FP. I appreciate you!

Gail S. said...

Please keep doing this. It is SO helpful. I have retagged several items because of this list! Thank you!

Waterrose said...

Wonderful compilation...thanks for taking the time to post!

krissybizz said...

I also utilize it...lots of work!

Toni said...

very helpful, thanks!! Keep up the good work.

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