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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 006 From two sweet Fairies and a crazy octopus!  (and me too of course!)

I’ll blog about how I made the costumes soon!  And you can expect me to be a more frequent blogger soon too.  I have my first day off in 77 days tomorrow – first priority is my girls/family and next – get back to some crafty crafting!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

sailboats and goldfish

'sailboats and goldfish' by TheApple

created for the 54th NonTeam Challenge:

Kissing Fish Cake Topper

Driftwood Sailboat Napkin Ho...

Koi - Goldfish dress in turq...

ship at sea automata

Brisk Wind Sailboat T-Shirt,...

Goldfish Bowl Necklace Pet G...

Baby Quilt in Blue and Green...

Yellow Goldfish in a bowl pe...

Goldfish Art Print Romantic ...

Mens Necktie Cream Sailboat ...

Porcelain Green Goldfish Tum...

adorable handmade vintage in...

sailboats tea dress

Goldfish Wooden Sailboat

Sail Away, personalized, blu...

Custom Personalized Statione...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Escape of the Emus

It try not to overlap blog posts on my blogs too often but this is just too good of a story to not share with as many people as possible…


Before I go any farther I’ll start by assuring you that emus are fine and they’re happily back in their pen. 


At about 8:45 I get a call from Frank - “Is Jared there?  The emus are out.”  Me, “Crap, I’ll get him…”

I yell for Jared and we both bundle up quickly and head outside…of course I grabbed my camera. 021We’re walking over to the emu pen area and Diane is organizing the pumpkin area – we quietly tell her the emus are out. Diane and I get the dogs into the shed so they won’t scare the emus. If you remember reading my earlier emu post, emus can sprint up to 30mph so we didn’t want to cause that to happen… 022Mac never went too far from the pen and it was fairly easy to lure him back in – a little food will do just the trick.023Tosh turned out to be a bit more work.  She headed over to where the underground building used to be and decided to do a little grazing.  024Luckily for us our Emu Whisperer (EW), aka Frank, was on the top of his game.  He grabbed to sticks to emulate longer arms.  If you can be taller than the bird they feel that you are dominating them and will sort of go where you direct them.025

    If you listen close at the end of the video you can also hear that EW (Frank) is real good at calmly talking to Tosh and gets him to go the direction he wants. Once we got Tosh fairly close to the pen the whole venture slowed down – she didn’t really want to go back.027 So, taking his dad’s advice, Jared got behind her and wrapped his arms around her in a bear hug and carried her over.  Of course – I barely got this shot, let alone a picture at all.   Jared said she wasn’t heavy – just boney and awkward to carry.   029Soon, we had both of the emus safely back into their pen and the door securely shut. 


Just another day at the orchard…

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Have You Kissed Your Fish Today

by GlassRiverJewelry


Vintage Dress Wedding Party ...

louis kisses louis - limited...

Large Aqua Stoneware Bowl / ...


Blue Ball Canning Jar One Qu...

Earring Drops - Twisted Swar...

Vintage Inspired Fused Dichr...

Butterfly ART Archival prin...

Necklace Koi Fish Colorful C...

sale / vintage 1940s hat // ...

Hand Sewn Cup Cozy Colorful ...

Turquoise and Teal Blue Mand...

Wild Roses Fairy Lights - Or...

Kissing Fish Cake Topper

Dance Til Dawn Leg Warmers i...

vintage prairie dress : PiNK...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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