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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Interview with AllThingsBelle for Season 2 of Project QUILTING

Happy Sunday everyone!  I wanted to start out today with an interview with an amazing creative person that I’ve become friends with as a result of Project QUILTING – Jennifer of AllThingsBelle!

Project QUILTING Season 2 - Entries from AllThingsBelle

What made you decide to join Project QUILTING?

I really love craft challenges in general. I have been sewing for over 2 decades, but only in the last couple years have entered quilting. I thought this would be a fabulous way to learn more, to meet likeminded quilters, and expand my ideas of what “quilting” could be.

What was your favorite part about Project QUILTING?

I love to see the other quilts. I never enter with the desire to win per se. I do it for myself, so I truly enjoy seeing everyone’s work and interpretation.

Which Challenge in Season 2  was your favorite? and why…

A Mother Never ForgetsMy favorite project was probably the valentine related one. I reached out and made my first quilt that spoke from my heart; I quilted about the loss of a pregnancy. It was both therapeutic and I loved my work all the more because it meant something personal to me.

Which Challenge in Season 2 was your least favorite? and why…

I don’t have a least favorite challenge to be honest. There are some I struggled with more than others, but the struggles come from juggling my schedule and not having time to execute the quilt I imagined.

Which Challenges did you come up with your idea immediately and which took some marinating?

My valentine/loss quilt I had imagined as a painting in my head for months. I immediately knew that I wanted to make this a quilt once I saw the challenge.


Sky Specimen

The flying geese took me awhile. I was only able to do a fraction of what I had imagined. Originally I wanted to do a very large piece, but time was an issue. In the end I had to change my vision at the last minute.

Did you try any new techniques for your projects during these challenges and if so, what were they?

Surprisingly I finally chain pieced. I was scared it would throw my machine off, but it worked great and I use that technique quite a bit now.

I had visible seams for my hardware challenge. That was a new thing for me.

How has Project QUILTING made you a better Quilter?

Absolutely. The judges never let my beginning binding skills slide, so I’m working hard at improving it. I also fell in love with batiks; I don’t know if that makes me *better*, but it did broaden my horizons.

What didn’t you like about Project QUILTING?

I could do without the competition. I do like constructive feedback, but I don’t need to place higher than my friends to enjoy the process.

Did you find the judges comments beneficial, annoying, or inconsequential?  Why?

I appreciated all constructive criticism. However there were some notes I thought were just opinion and not helpful. We don’t all love the same type of art. It doesn’t make that art wrong, it just isn’t what you like.

Do you think the judging format should be more structured, less structured, stay the same?  and why?

I would like to have the judging be public. I think it would be good to have it be in a Flickr group. It would allow there to be dialogue between artist and reviewer.

What was your favorite piece that you created for the Project QUILTING challenge?

Piecing History Together

I love my Valentine piece and my final large print piece.

What were your top three favorite pieces that someone else created for the Project QUILTING challenge?

Funky Froggy Flowers

I loved Kathleen’s Froggy flowers

Mum-burst Medallion

Quiltie's Mum Burst

Valentine ABCsand Dashasel's  Valentine ABC's

What changes would you make to future Project QUILTING Seasons? More time for this busy mom would be fabulous! Maybe 2 weeks instead of 1?

Question from participants:

how does everyone find the time to make such beautiful pieces!?!?

LOL! I don't! That is why my pieces are much smaller and less intricate. I have a 6 mo & 3 year old, an Etsy shop, a blog I update daily, and tons of personal projects in the works.

I maybe get 3-4 hours to work on a PQ piece. I wish I had more time,but I do this for me and it provides great inspiration and I get to meet fabulous people!

Is there anything you’d like to add or comments you’d like to share with me and my readers?

JOIN! Even if you are brand spankin' new (like I was when it first started)...join! You will have fun and become a better  quilter.. What more could you ask for?


To check out the latest Project QUILTING Off-Season Challenge check out:

And to see my beautiful new baby in one of AllThingsBelle’s hand knit cocoons click HERE


Barb from Quilts by Barb said...

Jennifer - Your work is beautiful. It is always so very neat which I think is very important.

As a judge, we do sometimes state an opinion. We try to identify it as an opinion when possible. We don't have the actual pieces in our hand so we can only judge by the pictures that are submitted. Many times our review would be different if we got to handle the actual pieces.

You are a great addition to project quilting and I love your work. Your large scale piece in the final challenge was one of my favorites. I would have loved to be able to see that particular piece in person.

Barbara Raisbeck
judge for Project Quilting
owner of Quilts by Barb

Diane said...

Jennifer, I'm so glad are part of Project Quilting. It is amazing that you accomplish all you do and still find the time to join us.

You have a great understanding of what Project Quilting is all about and have really made it work for you. I have enjoyed seeing your development as a quilter in both technique and artistry.

Diane Lapacek
judge and challenge designer for
Project Quilting

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