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Friday, February 6, 2009

An Interview with Peg from KuddleZoo!

Yes, we have a stay of one year before the CPSIA Law for third party lead testing comes into affect. That's one small victory for us, the little guy...but that still means in a year all these wonderful shops that sell amazing children's items are not going to be in business. Please check out this link and do something to save us from this unreasonable law.

I will not be doing a feature on a baby item shop every day anymore but I will try to do at least one a week until this law is changed! Today, I'm introducing you to Peg from KuddleZoo! Enjoy!

Tell me a little bit about your background in arts and crafts.
I really do not have background in arts and craft, other than what I had in school while growing up. But I have always enjoyed others creations and dreamed of making something that someone else would say "Wow I wish I could do that". I think she's accomplished that :)
When did you first start creating things?
I have always come up with ideas for odd things, or a way to make an old thing better. Most of my kids' first toys were things I bought at a second hand store and fixed or repainted. I had been looking for a way to express myself for a long time when I stumbled upon quilting. I really love to make up my own. In between fixing things for the kids and quilting, I have dabbled a little bit in making slide shows from others' photos.
What were the first things you created? and how did your creativity progress from there?
About five years ago I told my husband I wanted to try to make a quilt. He said "OK. Good luck and what do you need". I bought some material and a book on quilting and away I went. When I finish the first one I had fallen in love. I told my husband I wanted to make the kids all one for Christmas. I made 5 king sized quilts in 8 months, each one different. One day my sister-in-law was having a bad day and I wanted to do something fun for her. I thought I would make her a cow quilt. It could not be just any square quilt though. This is when the first Kuddle Zoo quilt was born. It took me three weeks to make the first one, but she loved it. As I showed other people these quilts they wanted to know what it was for? I really had no answer until a friend brought over her baby. Being a new mom, she had asked me to show her how to swaddle her baby. I grabbed the closest blanket I had, which was a horse I was making, and used it to swaddle the baby. She bought it right then and there. When my grandson was born I made him a Pegasus KZ quilt which is my avatar and it was him that I made the first snuggler for.
Do you still dream about making other things? If so, what?
I would continue to make new kuddle Zoo animals I have fun coming up with new ones. One thing I dream of doing is making imaginary friends to give to hospitals and swaddling quilts or blankets for the NICU. I love to know someone will love something I made from my heart and hands.
How did you hear about Etsy?
One day I was at a fabric store and the person that was cutting my material saw what I was making. She told me I should go the Etsy to sell them. I signed up a week later. I love the helpful and wonderful people there.
Any words of advice to others?
Have Patience, nothing happens overnight. I still don't sell a bunch. But I love to make them. I know one day they will.
How will the new law by CPSIA affect you and your shop?
All of my quilts are made at most two at a time. I can not afford to get the testing done and I will have to stop making the KZ quilt, blankets and snugglers. I probably would have to stop selling them and just make quilts. I give all of my friends with new babies these as gifts and I have sent some out to families as Santa, but with this new law I would not even be able to do that anymore. I think that is what I would miss the most.
I hope you take a moment to check out the amazing creations at!


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