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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alchemy – the Traveling Meerkat has Arrived at Lapacek’s Orchard

007I joined the etsy treasury team (etteam) back in 2009 and it’s been nothing but fun ever since.   When I first heard about NiftyKnits plan to send two of her adorable meerkats on a trip around the world to visit various etteam teammates I signed up immediately.  After months of waiting – Alchemy finally arrived in my mailbox yesterday afternoon.  She had a fairly short journey to Wisconsin after spending some fun packed days at GloriousHats farm in Minnesota.  005My girls, Cedi and Capri were really happy to meet Alchemy.  They covered her with kisses right away!006 


008  Alchemy then helped me address my ‘postcard’ to Satori, a teammates daughter who is in the hospital (to learn more go here: or here if you’re not on facebook: we headed out on our errands, Alchemy decided to help Farmer Frank (aka Grandpa) do some skidster work.   011 Cedi and I had to run into town to run errands.  Alchemy decided to ride along.  She was tired from the his trip from Minnesota so this gave her some time to catch up.  012 013  Before I knew it – they were both sleeping on me!015 But, Alchemy woke up when I announced that we were going through the carwash.  She wanted to see what that was all about.   017    Turns out it was a pretty uneventful wash but the van looks great now!021Being that we live in Wisconsin and it’s a Friday night, we had to head over for a fish fry.  Here are the girls and I waiting to be seated – Capri is fast asleep.022  Alchemy wanted to curl up next to her but soon our name was called so we had to eat.  023 Alchemy liked to hide on me so I have decided to give her a temporary home in one of my origami bags.  Hopefully she won’t hide on me since it’s such a fun and bright bag.  024  Today, we had to be up and ready for the Easter Egg Hunt in Poynette.  Alchemy had fun riding in Cedi’s easter basket.  026        Then she wanted to try to peak and see what was in the eggs before the little kids grabbed them up. 034 Alchemy had to meet the Easter bunny (Cedi was a bit intimidated but at least we got a picture with Capri)035 I think Alchemy has a new best buddy!036  Before we left the hunt, Alchemy insisted that she get to go for a ride on the bright red Fire truck.  Can you find her in the picture below?038

We’ve had Alchemy for less than 24 hours but as you can see we’re keeping her busy and showing her all the sites.  I have another fun event to take her to tomorrow morning that I can’t wait to share with you.  Stop by tomorrow night and see what’s happened!

I’ll be blogging about the rest of Alchemy’s visit with us at the orchard in the days to come but if you want to keep track and catch up on where the meerkats have traveled thus far check out the Facebook Fanpage:


Heather Leavers said...

Wow! I can't believe how much Alchemy has got up to in just 24 hours!

Jane Carlstrom said...

Oh Wow! oh Wow, your tell a great tale. My grandpa was a fabulous story teller too. I love those of you who can spin a great yarn. Very much enjoyed reading this post and gazing at all the pictures. Looking forward to tomorrow's installment.

Unknown said...

looks like fun!

Waterrose said...

So much fun in Wisconsin! She is going to be such the world traveler!

My Mother's Garden said...

Oh, what fun! Looks like little Alchemy had a great visit with you and your adorable children!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

Alchemy reminds me of my little bear Watson. i took him to travel with me (complete with pictures) to so many different places in so many countries. one day he fell out of my belt bag in the New York City subway. i searched and searched for him but i felt like he ran away from home. i was almost 50 years old when this happened but i cried as if someone really close to me had died! so please, take extra special care of little Alchemy (i love his name!)

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