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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Public Prize and Random Drawing Prizes – Project QUILTING Office Space Challenge

This is my last post on prizes today for Project QUILTING – I promise!

First, I’m going to announce the winner of the public prize.  I went to the random generator and put in ‘38’ for the number of comments that were left…

randomnumber6Commenter #9 is…

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I am a fan on fb. I even made a comment this morning.


and she will be winning this fantastic cuff from PonderandStitch!


Now, it’s time to announce the winners of the random drawing.  As always, I put all the non prize winning names into my hat.026 Cedi drew the first prize…

027  a gift certificate for $9.99 to FabricNQuilts…029 which goes to Kathleen Quilts!030Capri drew the second prize winner…a copy of the book Pretty Little Mini Quilts published by Lark Books from PennyFabricArt031and a sort of cranky Capri chose Gayle B!  033 We have three prizes again this week so I am the lucky drawer for  1 cup of needle sharpener emery sand for pincushions from Nakpunar.034 and the winner is Karen’s Crafty World!


Congrats to all the wonderful winners and thanks to all my fantastic sponsors!

Judging Comments from Barb

submitted by Barb Raisbeck

I am so amazed how the pieces keep getting more and more original and so FUN from challenge to challenge. I can tell people read my first “judges comments” so I would like to add more.

The challenge this week, Office Supply Store, is one of the best overall challenges so far. I don’t think I could have been near as creative as you guys were.

I commented earlier how I like to have a quilt or piece named. I see the majority of the pieces now have names and I just love it!

Easy Button - Project QUILTING Office Supply Challenge

The name “Easy Button” by Gayle B really drew my eye to what Gayle was focusing on. This is just so cute. 

I really like a challenge piece that doesn’t necessarily say what the challenge is all about.

Flower Power Dolly Blanket

  Karen’s “Flower Power Dolly Blanket” in no way says “office supplies” but it is so easy to see her inspiration in the file folder. That is some lucky little girl who gets to use this blankie!

I made comments on some of the entries this week that they would be great sellers on Etsy. I would love to see comments back to Project Quilting if you made a project in Project Quilting and listed it or sold it on Etsy. How about using a “Project Quilting” tag on Etsy? This would be great for both Etsy and Project Quilting. I did a search for Project Quilting the other day and it is
recognized. Hopefully it will continue to grow.

I was just so inspired when I judged this week that I needed to write more than the individual comments. The work and creativity is just outstanding. Please, keep it up and pass the word for more entries. The project is worth it.

Project Runway, Season 8, premiers this Thursday evening, July 29th at 8:00 central time on Lifetime. Can’t wait to watch it. Tune in if you get the channel. It will be even more inspiration.

Barbara Raisbeck
Owner of Quilts by Barb and proud to say, a judge for Project Quilting

Judges Choice – Project QUILTING Office Space Challenge

I want to start out with a great big thanks to our four judges this week:  Diane, Barb, Pam, and guest judge Lauren.  It takes longer than everyone thinks to get the judging done and I greatly appreciate it – I think it adds a great extra element to the challenge.


Alright – now I’ll get to it.  Third place for the Office Space Project QUILTING Challenge goes to: 

Rat eRace

PennyFabricArt with an average score of 9.05.  Here’s what the judges had to say: 

JUDGE 1: I love your title.  This whole story gets an A+.  Your thought process is so inspiring for everyone.  I can see this completed project hanging in an office and people always wanting to know what it is.  Great job.  I love everything about it.

JUDGE 2:  I think this is so clever, I love the cubicle story, and love that she incorporated actual items from the office supply store.  I think it is a wonderful entry for this challenge.

JUDGE 3: I love this! Great inspiration and use of office supplies. Having recently seen a TV show about artists who make art using push pins, I’d love to see some black push pins in the cork border to help define the area.

JUDGE 4: Very creative.  Love the story about the sales clerk.  Great name.


Second place, with an average score of 9.15 goes to…

Doodle quilt

Sarah b!  Here’s what the judges had to say:

Judge 1: When I read your story about doodling in the margins of your paper it brought back memories of when I worked for the federal government.  We had a lot of meetings and my handouts and notes were always covered with my doodling which happened to be feathers.  If you can draw a feather on paper, you can sew it on a long arm quilting machine!

Your piece is so soft and so pretty.  It really looks like a piece of graft paper but I love the whole cloth concept and the softness of the end product.  I love everything about it.

Judge 2: This is so clever, it looks exactly like graph paper. As a quilter, I understand how hard it is to make that graph perfectly spaced.  I love the “doodle”. This quilt is perfect for the challenge, and attractive on it’s own.

Judge 3:  Using the binder clips as hangers is a great idea, especially for the reason you gave. I love how it looks like graph paper and doodling!

Judge 4:  Great concept and execution.  Trying something new is what Project Quilting is all about.  Creative use of the binder clips to hang your graph paper art.


And now onto the first place winner – who will receive $15 to FabricFascination AND a $10 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!  With an average score of 9.18…first place goes to…

Challenge Quilt 7/10


Here’s what the judges thought: 

Judge 1: You are an artist!  Love the perfect name for a perfect wall hanging.  This piece is just so unique and tells such a story.  I can’t believe even the “tape” is fabric!  It earns my number one vote for the challenge.

Judge 2:  I love this, the idea is so original and the execution is wonderful.  I don’t blame your daughter for claiming it.  This takes art quilt so literally, and it is really attractive.

Judge 3: Very creative, I especially the paint puddles and the masking tape is a nice technique. I think the background is too large, my eyes keep wandering off into the background. Maybe an inner border would help define the area where the “art” is.

Judge 4: A great piece of art with a perfect name.  Love the masking tape and the wood table.  These are the kind of details that make your project extra special. The paint drips have real dimension because of the highlighting you added.

Fantastic job to everyone involved and congratulations to the winners!  There were some really great projects this week and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for the next challenge (posted tomorrow, 8/1 at NOON CDT).


More prizes to be posted soon!

The Public Has Spoken: Project QUILTING Office Supply Challenge

Happy Saturday everyone!  We have officially opened for apple season so it’s going to be a bit crazy for me with the last 2 1/2 challenges (the 1/2 is posting the winners of the last challenge) – but it WILL get done – I promise you that!

I’m going to start with a post of the WINNER of the Public Vote for the Office Supply Challenge.  Taking home 20 of the 114 votes…

 Doodle quilt Sarah B!

Sarah will be taking home:   4 fat quarters of her choice from FabricAlaCarte AND a $10 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!


Stay tuned…more winners to come!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Dying Day

008Diane and I haven’t dyed any fabric or clothing this summer – until yesterday.  We finally found some time that we could both do and we got to some dying…sort of.  My girls, Cedi and Capri were there and we tried to dye with them.  We learned a few lessons…

  • Have TONS of bottles of very water downed dye ready for them – I mean TONS and TONS!
  • Find a spray bottle that they can trigger themselves so it will take them longer to use it up.
  • Have there clothing/fabric for dying set up ASAP so they don’t get whiney and fighty.
  • Wouldn’t be bad to set them up in different areas – or teach them to share. 
  • Don’t attempt to put plastic gloves on them – they won’t fit and the dye will wash off, eventually014

Cedi’s two yards of fabric…015Here are a few things we had right…

  • Put them in old dyed clothes that you don’t care about.010
  • Don’t stress out about them getting dirty.009
  • They can create amazing things when left to their own devices.
  • Creativity at any age is priceless!
  • My mother-in-law is the most patient person I know.

011Cedi’s dress that she dyed all by herself!012The dress that Capri dyed all by herself!013Here are Capri’s two yards of fabric!002  I guess I was into red…004 This was a custom order black and grey hoodie – anyone that dyes fabric knows just how difficult black and grey can be – we’ll see how it washes out!005  Diane’s really big pastel fabric!  (with some help from Cedi & Capri)        017 The last thing we learned yesterday – Cedi and Capri LOVED to help clean up!018 …priceless!


PS.  Still time to vote for this week’s Project QUILTING Office Supply Challenge!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Craftacular – August 15th – Vendor Features – Volume III


Sunday August 15th @ the East Side Club

The Glitter Workshop is pleased to announce that there will be a Sixth Annual Summer Craftacular! The Summer Craftacular will be held Sunday, August 15th from 10 am to 5 pm at the East Side Club at 3735 Monona Drive. We will be utilizing both banquet rooms as well as the outdoor lawn / Tiki patio area. These spaces combined will allow for approximately 80 booths.


East Side Club
3735 Monona Drive
Madison, WI 53714


10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday August 15th


Booth 27.

il_430xN.133495145 WEDDING THANK YOU CARD - Print at Home Digital File - Plum Hummingbirds from Man Vs. George

more about Man Vs. George: MAN vs. GEORGE DESIGN is a graphic design firm located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA (just a hop, skip, and a jump west of Milwaukee). Our team consists of MAN, the resident graphic designer, and GEORGE, the armchair art critic and catnip aficionado. Together, we are obsessed with great design!

Booth 45.

il_430xN.156735364Blue Upcycled Paper Beaded Necklace from Twisted Planet Designs

More about Twisted Planet DesignsWhere fashionable doesn't mean unaffordable.
We have a couple different artists. Ranging from cool screen printed shirts, to unique apparel to one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. And if you are lucky, you can catch one of the cow artwork pieces.

Booth 32.

bomb It’s the Bomb from McBitterson’s

more about McBitterson’sMcBitterson’s, Tasteless Wares, is dedicated to spreading peace and joy to all the peoples of the world through adorable, affordable, hand-crafted goods.  We will stop at nothing to achieve this objective.

Booth 77.

il_430xN.159984777 Down the Rabbit Hole – Bead Embroidery Cuff from ThreeFatesDesign

more about ThreeFatesDesignGrowing up in a household of artists, I struggled to find my medium, my passion. I tried everything, and then tried it again. Then early on in high school, my mother (who is an exceptional artist) bought me some beads and some string. I was immediately hooked. I wanted more and more beads. I wanted to push my designs further and further. I soon began stitching, not just stringing the beads.
Then college came and my passion was put on hold. I rarely had enough free time between classes, let alone enough money to buy supplies. Finally, I graduated with my degree in Biology, but then real life set in and it was time for a job. And let me tell you, research takes a lot out of you. I finally had the money to afford supplies, but still had no free time to bead. My beads were pushed further back on the burner.
But after I took a position at the medical college, I had the free time I never had before. So after years of "you should really sell this stuff," I was able to start Three Fates Design.

Booth 43.


Animal Vegetable Mineral, Red necklace - Bone, wood, red aventurine from JennyHoople

more about JennyHoople: I started making jewelry in July of 2009.
Job's tears are the seeds of a grain plant that grow all ready with a shiny grey coating and a hole through the middle! I saw them in the Seed Saver's Exchange catalog and couldn't resist trying to grow them. I ended up with a whole tin full of beautiful, natural beads, but I didn't know what to do with them. I made one necklace, but because the seeds were so light, the heavy clasp kept coming around to the front, so they sat in my basement, adored, but unused. A few years later, my parents were in town visiting and (as usual), my mom wanted to stop at a craft store. While I was waiting, I was thinking about those job's tears and walking up and down the beading aisle trying to decide what might look good with them. I bought an unakite pendant, some unakite chips and some wood and shell beads and took them home. I made one necklace that I really liked, and my mom liked it so much, she had me make one for her, too. I had a few materials left over so I just tried to come up with as many different designs as I could until I ran out. Well, I was hooked! I needed more materials!! When I started making this jewelry and couldn't stop, I figured that I'd better start selling them before we ended up drowning in them, and it's been a fantastic merry-go-round of design, color, textures and beauty ever since.

Booth 68.


Laundry Greeting Card from ArstyFartsy

more about ArstyFartsyBy day I am a Social Worker. By spirit I am an artist! Although I tend to refer to myself more as Artsy Fartsy! I create mixed media collages using vintage photos and ephemera, color, humor, glitter, and whatever else strikes my fancy!

Booth 17.


Four Panel Skirt - Upcycled Vintage - Sz 4-6 from thePaintedDaisy

more about thePaintedDaisyInspired my great grandmother-who saved and recycled ALL fabric, I have been admiring and collecting vintage linens and other textiles for more than 10 years.
A few years ago, when my storage totes were stuffed to the max, I decided it was time to start creating with all the lovelies I had packed away. First came throw pillows, then bags and purses, and finally clothing. I love mixing in new mod fabrics too!
I currently split my time between my seamstress job at a local upholsterer, The Painted Daisy, and of course, my 2 active kids!

Booth 48.

banglesBangles from Lulu & Deedee

more about Lulu & Deedeelula & deedee jewelry is a creative fusion of vintage elements and modern sensibilities. To create each piece, I use beads from the 1920’s through the 60’s, gathered from a variety of sources— estate sales, vintage shops and online. This means that there is usually a very small amount of a particular bead available, resulting in truly one-of-a-kind pieces.


If you missed out on the first artist features make sure you head back to Volume I and Volume II.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Barn Quilt – Time for Purple

I’m a little behind posting pictures of the barn quilt so you’ll probably be getting all the colors fairly close together.  With how humid the summers been it’s been a challenge doing four coats of paint on everything – drying time has been extended drastically!  016I switched to Frog tape for the purple because I heard that it works better for straight lines.017Coat 1003 Four coats are on…

006Time to pull off the tape!

Now onto the Red…  

And late last week, I received some new pictures from Becky of her Barn Quilt going up!  I thought I’d share them with you all…

100_0490 100_0491  100_0493 100_0494 100_0495  100_0497 100_0498   100_0505  100_0507Doesn’t it look fantastic!?  

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