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Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Craftacular – August 15th – Vendor Feature – Volume VII


Sunday August 15th @ the East Side Club

The Glitter Workshop is pleased to announce that there will be a Sixth Annual Summer Craftacular! The Summer Craftacular will be held Sunday, August 15th from 10 am to 5 pm at the East Side Club at 3735 Monona Drive. We will be utilizing both banquet rooms as well as the outdoor lawn / Tiki patio area. These spaces combined will allow for approximately 80 booths.


East Side Club
3735 Monona Drive
Madison, WI 53714


10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday August 15th


Booth 60.

il_430xN.152421712Bacon and Egg Cardholder from RosyBird 

more about RosyBirdI make things in my spare time & post them here for you all to enjoy. Functional, beautiful, well-crafted pieces of art.

Booth 11.

IMG_5729 Confectionique LLC


You might be wondering how Confectionique came to be. Well, it was a long process of planning. The two of us have been pals for years and have always sought ways to encourage one another’s creativity. We searched out many ideas that we could do together and after years of fumbling and stumbling, we finally came up with a recipe that worked perfectly for us! It wasn’t until we participated in our first Craft show together in 2009 that we finally realized our true passion is working and creating together –we’re Crafting Sisters!
After we knew that being Crafting Sisters was essential to our relationship and our overall well-being, we knew it was time to give this idea a name and identity. I love anything and everything French, J'aime Paris! Jessica is so Italy and such a Bohemian Goddess. We explored business names that represented these two loves, but nothing seemed to work. Finally our husbands suggested “you should just make up a name that expresses what you do and love." Ingenious!
Why Confectionique? The word we created marries our ideas of “sparkling and glittery," like the lights of Paris, and “free spirited and vintage-funky," like a Bohemian artist; it conveys the dreamy frosting on a French patisserie, and the glistening grapes dotting the hills of Tuscany; it is the market on rue Trocadéro filled with fresh fruits and flowers in an abundance of color and fragrance, and the shimmering crystal made in the city that floats on waves of blue, Venice. The word Confectionique is like a unique boutique with all the color and glitter of life with a great deal of delight thrown in! Yummm, sounds like a lovely craft confection doesn’t it? What could be more perfect?
We are the Crafting Sisters of Confectionique!

Booth 79.

il_430xN.152994662 Ruffles and Flowers Necklace from Midwest Beauties

more about Midwest Beautiesborn on April of 2009. I have always been crafting and creating since a young age, many of the stuff was made for friends and family. Now I sell on Etsy.
I enjoy thrifting and antique shopping. I love doing craft shows, actually meeting the customers is very exciting.

Booth 35.

Mother of Hermes Letterpress offers unique and affordable letterpressed stationary using metal and wood type and ornaments and antique equipment.  From classic simplicity to funky and fun, we’ll customize a design to suit your individual style and budget.

Booth 76

il_430xN.151870772 Dragonfly Dreams – Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon and Sterling Silver Dragonfly Necklace from EquinoxDesignStudio

more about EquinoxDesignStudio

As far back as I can remember, I have loved working with gems, beads, gold, silver, you name it. My grandmother probably never knew just how much she influenced me as a little girl when she lovingly handed over an old box full of "play" jewelry.
Now, many years later, I still do what I absolutely love. I am never bored, always happy when I can break away from my busy "Mom" life just long enough to design some new treasures. My Zen. My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that something I love to do so much creates such happiness for others.

Booth 19

il_430xN.88417547 Hockey Monster – Lime from Lisa K Penning’s

more about Lisa K Penning’s

Lisa K. Penning, designer and creator of wearable art, grew up in Arlington, Virginia but spent much of her adult life in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has made her home in Wisconsin since 2002, and received her art degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006. In 2007 she married her long-time partner Chris.
"Jewelry was my first love. I have been designing and creating beaded work since age eleven when I got my ears pierced, and I still love the texture and color of natural stones, the luster of pearls, and the shimmering facets of crystals. I now also explore jewelry in other media, as well as creating other accessories through silk screening and sewing. I love exploring the possibilities of new media, and experimenting on new pieces as gifts for my sisters, parents, and young nephews. Each design uses inspiration from my personal life, the sights and sounds of my surroundings, and the energy of my family and friends.
In the hours I spend huddled over items large and small, I seek out the moments where everything clicks into place and the design of the piece reveals itself to me, where excitement overtakes me and the work is effortless. Of course the effortless work is preceded by hours of research, sketching and experimentation, followed by problem solving, frustration and eventually, I hope, satisfaction in the act of completing a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing work."
See my online portfolio at

Booth 28.

il_430xN.160121890Maude - Vintage Art Deco Locket Necklace (gold) from BrideBlu

more about BrideBlu

Ahoy! My name is Cat...the mastermind behind BrideBlu. Actually, to be honest, BrideBlu is the masterpiece behind me. Let me explain...creating jewelry is my escape from the daily grind and without this escape, I would be a mess. Nothing makes me as warm or as fuzzy as finding just the right home for a newly acquired vintage goodie or as relaxed as completing a piece that turns out just right.
xo Cat

Booth 74.

il_430xN.144118110Organic Cotton Face Scrubbies with a Storage Container from Luv2Dzin

more about Luv2Dzin

Hello! My name is Elaine (some of my friends and family call me Lainie) and I am an Interior Designer by trade. I have always "had an eye" for color but I believe my Interior Design background has taught me about scale, contrast, texture and balance, which I incorporate into my designs. Also, I like to make jewelry that is comfortable and has some movement; like a charm bracelet with multitudes of beads or a long dangly pair of earrings that swing when you turn your head...FUN!
I have recently picked up crocheting again. I also learned how to knit recently. I am in love with all of the new, textural, color saturated yarns. I having fun exploring the yarn world... I am like a kid in a candy store in the yarns stores (trouble at 4 o'clock) ~ LOL
I have been married to my wonderful husband for 21 years. I am a HUGE dog lover, especially the Akita breed. We share our home with a 120 lb. Akita named Mishka (Russian for bear, which turned out to be pretty accurate:) ). We are thinking of getting a Bernese Mountain Dog next. We sure do like the larger breeds!

If you missed out on the first artist features make sure you head back to Volume I, Volume IIVolume III, Volume IV, Volume V and Volume VI.

Booth layout:



Anastasia Korbitz and Jessica Regele said...

Thanks so much for posting info about Confectionique for the Craftacular! Really appreciate it!

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