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Sunday, April 18, 2010

It’s Time to VOTE for your Favorite – Project QUILTING Shoofly Challenge – Prizes to be WON!

cannot express just how pleased I am with the amazing entries for this weeks Project Quilting Competition. I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all those that participated!

For those of you just tuning in you can read more about Project Quilting Here:

and about the first challenge Shoofly Here:

In alphabetic order, I’m going to show you the ‘competitors’ for project quilting. then on the side of the blog, you can cast your vote for your favorite project. Since I’m in charge of this challenge I am excluding myself from all prizes although I am still going to show off my creation. Feel free to leave comments on what you think of it anyway!

CHALLENGE WINNERS: There will be two winners for this challenge – one for the public vote and one for the ‘judged vote’ – Diane and Rose Mary. The winners will each receive a hand-dyed fat quarter that has been dyed by Diane and myself! I will also be sending everyone there rank (somewhere between 1 and 10) and any critique’s the judges have about your creation. The top 3 will be posted on my blog this weekend (4/24 or 4/25).

PUBLIC WINNERS: I will also be giving out a prize to the public. You’ll find out how at the bottom of this post after you’ve checked out each of our challengers entries.

Quilter: BrennieQuilts

Challenge Shoofly Quilt 007 The Story:

In true Project Runway fashion, with only grid quilting and binding pinned to the back (he he), here is my challenge piece. Hope you like it!
It's a 30" x 36" Baby Quilt with embroidered ABCDE letter blocks between the Shoofly blocks with Broken Dishes block corners.
This was fun!

Size: 30” x 36”

Cost: Stash

Quilter: DebiDesigns

4531664998_82e443c6c8The Story:

Project Quilting, Shoofly block in batiks.
I used a jelly roll i bought on clearance for $9, I used about 25 strips from the roll to make the front and back. Used left over batting.

Size: 26” x 16”

Cost: Fabric from a jelly roll $9

4522756471_8445e225fd The Story:

Never having made a shoo-fly block before, I googled it and then discovered this variation. I lean towards wonky myself and loved choosing fabrics that had designs that reminded me of my garden elements...pinwheels, clouds, spider webs, "peace" , tie dye "flowers". I arranged the blocks as i thought they would appear in a garden, with the dark outlines toward the bottom left corner as if the shadows were created from the sun in the upper left. The quilting had to be very simple and modern and "wonky", with none of my flower centers intersecting perfectly and the grid lines all off center and angled.

Size: measures 29" X 37"

Cost: i spent $0...
everything was pulled from my stash!


The Story:

Here is my submittal for the first Project Quilting - Shoofly Challenge. I started with a piece of fabric I dyed and a fun floral printed fabric. I decided that I would 'make' my own striped fabric. I did this by taking a portion of the hand-dyed fabric and machine stitching different fibers - some that I had dyed, some commercial - across the fabric. I absolutely love the effect it had. It did make ironing during the piecing portion of the quilt a bit tricky. Due to miss calculation of fabric amounts I did not have enough of the hand-dye to put as the center blocks of my shoofly. So, I took a really neat directional branch fabric and pieced them together to create either 'circles' or 'x's' in each square. Eight of them went together just fine but after two tries with the center one (late at night) I scratched it and just used a lighter value square of the hand-dyed fabric. I think created an almost 'bordered' feel in the quilt with out actually adding a border. I decided to keep the quilting simple and did some rectangles and diamonds. There was enough going on with the color, texture and pattern in the quilt.
Size: 31.75" x 31.75"
Cost: $0 - I used everything from my stash!

Quilter: LoveBugStudios

4530914337_e7029d0ae2The Story:

First I had to look up the Shoo Fly block because I couldn't remember what it looked like. Then, I went to EQ6 to do the layout & recoloring - I sized it so that everything could be cut with my fabric die cutter. The quilt was inspired by the black & white polka dot and beaded stripe I had in my stash.
Unfortunately, when I went to look for the stripe I couldn't find it, which prompted a trip to the fabric store. I spent $7.49 replacing it, plus 1/2 yard of the white polka dot. Immediately after I returned home, I found my bead striped fabric!
I also decided to embellish the quilt using red 2-holed buttons - nearly all of them that were in my stash. I completely used up the fabric I bought, plus 5 red fat-eighths and about a yard or so of the polka dot. I chose the quilting to mimic the waviness of the striped fabric.

Measurement: The finished quilt measures 32"x34".

Cost: $7.49

Quilter: MrsDragon

4530900477_b63250c219_o The Story:

I took my inspiration from the way the shoofly blocks appear when pieced together into a quilt. If you make the point where the four corners of the blocks come together, you see a new design. I used that as a starting point, and simplified the piecing of this "new" block. I set the blocks on point and quilted with the shoofly outline as a nod to the inspiration. To read a fuller description of MrsDragon's process please check out:

Approximate Size: 26" X 9"

Cost: $0 The only thing I purchased was the red thread.
(This is the short version. : ) The longer version, complete with pictures, will be up on my blog later today. I will update here with the link when it is up.)

Quilter: Pamela Quilts

4530396532_22a15ed7e1 The Story:

My first thought for the challenge was to make a lot of little shoo fly blocks and put them together into a mosaic, but the time limit made me reconsider that. I then decided to use a stripe as the solid block on the sides and found this great wavy stripe.

Size: It measures 35 x 35.

Cost: My total spent on this quilt was $7.40 for the stripe in the blocks, the border fabric and the binding.

Quilter: Penny Fabric Art

pennyfabricartsThe Story:

I made 5 normal shoofly blocks, plus 4 that I skewed at sharp angles to make the piece flow in a circle.
Size: It measures 19 inches square.
Cost: I used all stash fabrics, so I didn't spend any money to make it.

Quilter: SewSavvy

sewsavvyThe Story:

OMG! Did I make it in time? I felt like I was actually on the show and time was working against me! I had so much to do and of course the thread was working against me and I couldn't go buy more. Batteries dead in the camera-where did I put the batteries?Whew, I am done

Size: 34” x 34”

Cost: Well, I spent $0 on this project, everything taken from my stash.

Quilter: Quilties

The Story:

I designed this with a large shoofly block set on point then smaller ones. I used bright and highly contrasting geometric prints, which is way out of my comfort zone, but I like the end result. I emphasized that geometric quality with two repetitive geometric quilting designs.

Size: The quilt is 26" square

Cost: I didn't spend any of my budget. It is all made with materials I had in my sewing room.

I think right now all the participants need a round of applause, or a pat on the back or something – everyone did such a wonderful job and it’s great to see how each person put their own spin on the challenge! Nice work!

PUBLIC WINNERS: The winner from the Random Generator (which I still have to figure out exactly what this is…) will receive Diane’s original ‘Starry Nines’ Pattern. It’s a great pattern for a beginner and fun for a quilter with more experience. Below is a picture of Diane’s Starry Nines in the Jungle that she made from the pattern.


To Enter You must:

Entry 1: Leave a comment on your favorite entry and vote for your favorite on the poll on the upper left hand side of the blog.

Entry 2: Follow my blog.

Entry 3: Must tweet this contest with hashtag #PQShoofly (important or I won’t know you did it)

Entry 4: Become a Fan of Project QUILTING on Facebook:

Entry 5: add my Project Quilting ‘Grab my Blinkie’ to your blog or blog about my giveaway

***Participants in project quilting ARE allowed to enter in the public poll/contest as well.***

This means you have FIVE chances to win! I need you to write each of these entries as different comments in order to qualify you for all five entries and include your email address. If you don’t include your email address I won’t be able to contact you when you win and I will have to choose a new winner. I will be picking the winner at 7pm on Friday, April 23rd.


Unknown said...

Wow, that was very difficult to decide but I finally decided on MrsDragon.

I think you all did a wonderful job!

Unknown said...

Just tweeted.

neomi said...

All projects are truly beautiful! My fav is BrennieQuilts. good luck to all!

No wonder

Penny Fabric Art said...

This project was so fun! Can't wait for the next challenge.

Gave it the Twitter & Facebook bumps, so I hope the number of entries continues to grow.

Thanks Kim!

MoranArtandQuilts said...

Kim, did you decide not to put your name in the vote?

PersimonDreams said...

Yup, that's right MoranArtandQuilts - I just want the others to win the prizes. You all can still comment on what you think of my challenge on here though :)

My Mother's Garden said...

Wow! Each quilt is stunning and I'm so amazed that they were all created so quickly! My favorite of the group is the variation of the traditional shoo- fly quilt by karolsvintageart. The shapes sort of reminded me of the Gee's Bend quilts. Great challenge!

My Mother's Garden said...

I am a follower of your blog. : )

My Mother's Garden said...

I am a Project Quilting FB fan.

Pam Geisel - For Quilts Sake said...

I voted (sorry but I'd rather not say here as it was a really tough choice!)

I already follow your blog and I'm also already a FB fan.

-For Quilts Sake

PersimonDreams said...

everyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to include your email address and to do each entry as a separate comment - if you do them combined, you'll only receive one entry...

Thanks so much for checking out the contenders work this week!

TheJoyofColor said...

Wonderful project ,
Voted, good luck

StudioCherie said...

I love the creativity that went into each entry and the variety that it produced. I am going to have to get in on the next round!

Unknown said...

What a tough choice! I need to do the next challenge. This looked like it was fun today. Great job to everyone!

DownHome Designs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DownHome Designs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DownHome Designs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
מדף הספרים של אפי said...

Oh, What a beautiful quilting items.
so hard to decide which would be my favorite!!! I made my vote... But I wish all of you good luck:)

DownHome Designs said...

All the entries are wonderful, but my favorite is Mrs. Dragon's. I love the colors and layout of her TR.

DownHome Designs said...

Kim, I wrote on our wall on FB about Project Quilting and left a link. : )

Gail S. said...

These are great entries. I had a hard time deciding, of course. I voted for Love Bug because of the overall visual effect, the asymmetric look and the fab colors! I also loved Quilties entry with the block inside a block! Great idea.

--Gail at Quiltsewpieceful

DownHome Designs said...

I am a FB fan of Project Quilting.

Unknown said...

My favorite is yours, Kim. I simply adore the pattern, and the colors -- the way they blend into each other. My second favorite is Love Bug's -- a very close second. Really great graphically, with the limited color pattern and strong pattern, so I voted for Love Bug's. Why aren't you in there? :c)


Nora said...

So many pretty entries, I will have to try the next one

Laura said...

What a fun challenge! It is so hard to choose which one to vote on!

Unknown said...

I voted for karolsvintageart! I love the black background and all the tie dye! Once a hippie, always a hippie. :o)

zaftig2k at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I follow your blog:

zaftig2k at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I fanned you on facebook!

zaftig2k at yahoo dot com

leapinggazelle said...

what a difficult decision! they are all beautiful. I read the stories and love what everyone has written, and the fact that you pushed yourselves to create out of your comfort zone and try something new. I choose karolsvintageart- it really does remind me of a garden. Great job everyone!

ChrisCampuzano said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Barb said...

I love the use of the strips and the simplicity of Pamela Quilt's entry.

Glad to see such a great turn out. I will try to get the next one completed.

You are doing great, Kim!


Ebony Love said...

I really love the quilt that Pamela did. It was really interesting to see us both use the same color scheme but come out with very different (but very dramatic) quilts. Bravo!

Ebony Love said...

I follow your blog!

Ebony Love said...

I tweeted!

Ebony Love said...

I am a fan!

Ebony Love said...

I've got the blinkie!

BTW, you should remove ChrisCampunzano's comment... it may look like you've got some Asian followers, but that is just junk. I have to remove that stuff from my blog all the time.

Jaci said...

It was a very hard decision, but I decided on Love Bug's graphic quilt. I love the addition of the buttons and the wavy fabric.

TeresaM said...

Beautiful quilts!!!! I have a vote in for my favorite!

teresamiller_743 (AT)

TeresaM said...

I just became a Fan on FB!

teresamiller_743 (at)

TeresaM said...

I already follow your blog!!!

After a hard decision I pick MrsDragon's runner to vote for!

teresamiller_743 (AT)

Bev Peychal said...

Following your blog!

Bev Peychal said...

Just became a fb fan!

Bev Peychal said...

Just tweeted from Bjeweled_1

Bev Peychal said...

My comment seems to have disappeared...? Kinda weird, but I'll comment again!

My favorite is Pamela Quilts! I LOVE the bold colors and the different patterns. Kinda psychodelic! ^_^

The3Maries said...

Love the quilt for KarolVintageArt!


Stockannette said...

I voted in the poll, and am casting my vote here for Brennie - she mentioned Project Runway! LOVE!

Stockannette said...

I'm a new blog follower.

Stockannette said...

and I just tweeted with the hashtag.


sandmanquilts said...

I love karolsvintageart quilt. I always am drawn to quilts with brites and black. Beautiful work everyone!

Tracey said...

I'd like to vote for more than one but I have gone with Love Bug for the simple reason it made me go ooh as soon as I saw it. I think the colour combo works really well with the asymmetric design.

Good luck everyone!

Carol said...

I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. I love the creative quilts in your contests. Hope to have some time to enter your next one. I voted ~loved the table runner~ Carol

Raige Creations said...

I love this Project Quilting idea and am excited to follow! I love the buttons on LoveBugStudios quilt, and the crisp colors and clean lines make it a beautiful quilt.
Pamela Quilts is also a beautiful, clean quilt and this was a tough choice.

Kiki said...

So cool!!! I have to say MrsDragon's is my favorite - I'm a sucker for the vintage-y look. But Karol I LOVE your description of your quilt! ONce you told about your inspiration I can totally see the garden and the sun moving across the flowers. I *really* love that - bringing in an organic element that gives it a whole new twist. :)

Raige Creations said...

Kim, I love this project quilting so much I blogged about is and included the blinkie!

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