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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Project Quilting – Road Trip Journal

I know, I know, I’m double posting AGAIN – but if I don’t do it tonight I’ll be doing it tomorrow…I just wanted to share with you all the journal I kept during this last challenge…


I’m not going to post this until my project is complete and the voting is done but I wanted to ‘journal’ my progress.  It’s such a fun journey to get a challenge, develop an idea and make it happen.  Here I’ll journal about my thoughts, trials and tribulations and hopefully an amazing final product.


I had yesterday ‘kid-free’ so I wanted to get a good start on my project quilting project.  Unfortunately I had too many ‘ideas’ and needed to feel comfortable with what I was doing.

My first idea was to take a piece of fabric and paint an outline of the US on it.  Then I would do scenes from places that I’ve been that really stuck out in my mind (I traveled a lot before I was 18 – 41 states).  I called my mom and she told me about all the different places I’d been – a trip to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park when I was three, a road trip down the Mississippi visiting lots of interesting destinations, multiple trips to Washington DC, a long road trip/stay in Maryland when I was 4 while my Dad had to work out there for a few weeks, trips to Florida to visit Disneyland and go snorkeling in the Florida Keys, the first trip (only?) that my brother and I DID NOT fight on to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a couple of trips to San Francisco to visit my aunt and uncle that included side trips to Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, and Squaw Valley, a road trip to Colorado where we visited the four corners, Mesa Verda and Durango/Silverton, going fishing in Quetico National Park in Canada with my dad, two trips to Jamaica, a visit to Virginia, a honeymoon to Jamaica – to name a few…

After thinking about it – I would definitely need more than a week to do this project to my satisfaction.  Must downsize…

Next thought – how about a ‘Road Trip’ through my quilting past – I would do a sampler of ‘x’ blocks from previous quilts I had made and then use material that reminded me of my vacations.  Now this would mean I would have to figure out all the cutting requirements to make 12.5” blocks – not super easy for me, I can do it but it would require lots of patience.  AND I decided I didn’t want my project to be so personal I couldn’t try to sell it – I’m just not the ‘sample wall quilt’ home decor kind of person – I do have a wall of thread pictures that I think is cool – my husband’s not so sure about that one…

Next, what about a ‘window pane’ quilt with scenes from what you might see in each square.  BINGO!  Then, while I was looking for fabric to make this work I realized I didn’t have much and I really don’t have time to go fabric shopping (and if I go I ALWAYS buy way more than I need), but I did find this perfect fabric from Mary Engelbreit of her lady traveling.  So, that’s what I’m going with.  I’m going to window the blocks of these scenes that I fussy cut out and make it into my quilt.  It will either be a wall hanging or a bag – I haven’t decided  yet.  Not really my type of fabric but I think it will turn out cute and who knows…I may change my mind – again…P5260249


Well, all the ‘scenes’ have at least one window around them.  I working on building them up to create some ‘dimension’ to this piece.  I’m still not feeling it.  It’s just not me and it’s just not creative enough – but, I’m running out of time.  95% sure it’s going to be a bag.P5260246

I do have one idea that I’m going to try – I plan on laminating a map and then using that as some of the fabric in the bag – we’ll see how well that goes, if at all.  I’m still waiting for that “spark”.


I decided to try laminating the map – I liked it so I am completely starting over.  I want to make something that I will use with my new ‘fabric’ since I have no idea how the laminate will hold up in the bag.  I’ll have to have a trial bag before I put it out there for others.  P5270251So, at 8 tonight I headed downstairs to start working on my brand new project.  I picked out my 12 fabrics and got to work.  P5270253I am loving this project so much more than the last one!  It actually feels right this time.  I have the two parts of the bag pieced and basted ready for quilting. P5270262P5270264










I also have the lining cut out and the pocket sewn in.  P5270265

I have to decide what to do with the straps – webbing (which is easy) or sew my own…?  Well, it’s technically 5-28 now so I’m going to bed!


The girls decided to play nicely in the basement while I frantically finished my bag.  I managed to quilt the main portion, sew them together, add the lining and attach the handles – all while watching the girls!  Pictures taken and the bag was submitted this afternoon!  Yeah me!  AND I love it and am very happy that I have to keep it (to see how the laminated maps hold up to every day use…)P5280266P5280269


Took my new bag to the farmer’s market today – it worked FABULOUSLY!  AND I got compliments from random people about it!


The Judges critiques are in.  Here’s what they had to say about my bag:

Judge 1: I love how scrappy this bag is, and the maps are such a cool touch, especially in a “wonky” block like you used.

Judge 2: I love your choice of fabrics.  They work with the maps to bring to life all the colors of nature & life you see on a road trip.  Would have loved to see the button better that you mentioned.  The bag is very fun & lively, as you seem to be, so it's great that you designed it to your needs.  The quilting really adds to the appeal of the bag.

Judge 3: I really like the idea of your maps.  A tote is so useful for traveling and it really fits the theme perfectly.  The typewriter is way cool.  Great fit all around for the challenge.

Judge 4: Cute.  Good use of the maps….and the typewriter fabric???  Actually, I love the bright colors with the maps and it gives it that “Kim” look.  But you could have used fabrics that were relevant to some of your travel memories for an added kick.  Not as amazing as your past entries, but still very nice.


Update on the bag – well, I’ll see how the laminated bits of the bag handle getting drenched!  I was vending at the DragonArtFair in DeForest today when this came along…

Bailey Road, Sun Prairie

We were all herded into the library until the watch subsided – in the meantime things were getting rained on – especially my bag.



It’s Time to Think Outside the Square!


FabricFascination said...

Wow, did you take the photo of the tornado Kim? I have never been close to one, what a day you had!

Love seeing your tote progress, amazing you got it done with all the start-overs. I recently saw that laminating product and have been wanting to try it.

PersimonDreams said...

nope - I snagged the photo from a local news station website...

I didn't use a product - I actually just used laminating sheets - maybe I should have researched more although my bag does seem fine today...

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