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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time to VOTE for the RECYCLE! Project QUILTING Challenge!

I literally just walked at least a mile in crazy Virgina heat to get this post up (otherwise you’d have to wait until Tuesday). Man is it hot! AND you have to pay to use the internet at Starbucks! BUT, it was worth it when I opened up the flickr account and saw all the amazing entries! ***Also, with that said, if you notice any errors/mistakes please let me know and I’ll fix it as soon as I have internet access again – sorry in advance! – I’m doing this as fast as I can so I can join my kids in the pool!***

For those of you just tuning in you can read more about Project Quilting Here:

and about the third challenge of Season 1 Here:

CHALLENGE WINNERS: There will be two winners for this challenge – one for the public vote and one for the ‘judged vote’ – Diane, Pam, Barb and our Guest Judge, Kris. The winner of the PUBLIC vote will win a fat quarter bundle from ButterCuppityFabrics AND a $10 gift certificate from theFatQuarterShop! The winner of the JUDGES vote will receive 4 fat quarters (their choice) from FabricAlaCarte AND a $10 gift certificate from the FatQuarterShop!


A RANDOMLY Drawn Participant in this challenge will win a pdf pattern of their choice from the lovely StudioCherie’s Shop!

I will also be sending everyone their rank (somewhere between 1 and 10 – be sure you’ve emailed me {} your email address) and any critique’s the judges have about your creation. The top 3 will be posted on my blog this weekend.

PUBLIC WINNERS: I will also be giving out a prize to the public. You’ll find out how to WIN at the bottom of this post after you’ve checked out each of our challengers entries. I am personally excited about this weeks prize…you’ll have to get all the way to find out why!

And now here are all the entries – in no particular order…

***Please note – I have left the images smaller than I normally do as I’ve received some feedback that my blog was loading slowly – hopefully this will help that issue. I strongly URGE you to take closer looks at the project by checking out their submittals on the flickr group:

Quilter – PennyFabricArt

Five Generation Miniature Quilt

The Story:

I was very close to my Nana. When we visited her my son would always insist on a "4-generation hug" with Nana, my Mom, me and him. When she passed away at 98 last March I helped situate her things, and never quite got around to dropping some of those clothes at the Goodwill.
So for this challenge, I collected clothing and linens to make a family heirloom miniature.
Each star is a different generation of the women of my family. The left star is my Great Grandmother, including a rather threadbare blouse and a shirt, with a couple very cool kimono silks (the nice thing about a miniature is the pieces are small enough to just steal them from the hem!)
The top star is my Nana, with 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and a piece of silk scarf. The right star is my Mom, with pieces from 2 shirts, 2 skirts and a pillow.
The bottom start is me. Instead of taking the opportunity to make mine out of my most pretty items, I chose to use everyday pieces like theirs were. Mine is 2 of my favorite t's, a blouse, and bits of my favorite silk skirt.
The lace doily is from my Great Aunt (Nana's sister), and it's floating over my son's khaki school pants. The green polka dot (which is also on the back) is from a valance that I made for my Nana a couple years ago.
I satin-stitched the binding and stitched one of my necklaces on for the border. I hung a little Celtic Knot pendant from the necklace clasp, which had been a gift to me from my DH.
We are all gardeners, so I quilted some abstract roses to encircle us in our garden.
The final piece measures 15" square, with each block measuring 5" square.

Quilter: Karen’s Crafty World

JUNE2010 106-50

The Story:

Wow! This project was right up my crafty alley! I started with two pillow white and a flowered one. I then quilted the white case starting at the top with blue threads and then fading down to the bottom with green threads. I then used an old green button down shirt for all the greenery and the binding on the piece. I then cut up the flowered pillow case and thread painted them to the quilt. The embellishments I added were the buttons from the shirt, flower beads from a kids necklace, barrettes that my nieces were too old to wear and flowers from an artificial flower arrangement.( can't really see the shirt buttons as they are under the flower beads. I just used them to make the flower beads 'pop') The butterfly trail of beads are from a big bag of sparklies I got from the thrift store a while back. Everything I used was from stashes I already had which had been purchased from the thrift store..... Including the thread! So that means I recycled stuff that had already been recycled!
Aprox. cost for all supplies was about $2.50.
Oh, and one more thing. I know some people might turn up their noses at my thrifted supplies, but I love using recycled items in my makes me feel so very green!

QUILTER – Kathleen Quilts

Hand Sewing Kit

The Story:

I have recently begun to hand sew and have been wanted a place to keep everything organized. This kit has for everything needed, including two large pockets for patterns and fabric pieces. My Recycled Quilt had previous lives as a son's police academy uniform shirt, my horse show shirts and a blouse that I was planning to love on me when I lost 10 pounds (that wait is over!) Two of the embellishmenst came from the handle of a gift bag and the buttons from another old favorite shirt (stress the 'old'). Since it was okay to use new thread, I used lots!
12" x 12"
Created in Cissna Park, IL

Quilter – MoranArtandQuilts

Memories of Sadie The Story:

For our challenge quilt this week my daughter suggested I use some of our sweet little dog's things. She passed away less than two months ago and we still think we hear her and expect to see her any moment. She was with us for 12 years since she was 6 weeks old.
I used two of her blankets for the paw print and background and then various scarves and parts of clothing she wore for the applique. I embellished with her collar and photos held in place by thread in the corners. The backing and binding are from fabric I got at a thrift store.
This was really out of my comfort zone working with fabrics other than just cotton and this is my first time making a different shape quilt other than a rectangle or square. Definitely a challenge for me.
Catherine (MoranArtandQuilts)
From: Columbus, OH


Pink Flowered Dolly Quilt

The Story:

I recycled some old clothes that were in a bag to bring to Goodwill. There was a green flowered suit jacket that I had a hard time parting with, but it never did fit me right. So this way I still get to look at it. I started with a trip around the world, then added some appliques of the flowers from the jacket. My embellishments are those flowers, some silk flower leaves and little white buttons.
The quilt measures 18.5" x 23.5". It's a good size for a dolly quilt or a wall-hanging.

QUILTER: KimsCraftyApple

Entry for Project QUILTING Recycle Challenge

The Story:

There is a very long story to go with this piece. In 1996 I was in 8th grade and a member of my middle school Odyssey of the Mind Team. Part of the challenge for the skit we had to create was to paint one of the paintings from the list and incorporate it into our play. I chose to paint Water Lilies, by Claude Monet We then had to cut my painting in half and we glued it to these cardboard box contraptions so that when I 'fell through it at the museum', the boxes would flip into the new scene. Anyway, this was one of those things I could never get rid of but didn't really know what to do with it. We didn't have a corner to put it in so it was actually hanging on the wall going downstairs to our basement (which you can only see if you go to the basement).
When I saw the challenge, a few ideas ran through my mind but then I thought - converge a painting! I have a painting in my living room I wanted to do first but it turns out it's painted on some sort of board...can't sew that. Since I'm very limited on time I finally decided to give in and cut up my "Monet." I used Ricky Tims Blended Convergence technique to create this new look. It was quite a challenge to sew through the canvas - especially after all it had been through - gesso'd, painted, glued, etc. But I did it! And I'm really happy with the result - whew...I was scared to ruin this as it is definitely something I'm proud of - I was 14!

Next, I wanted to mount the painting/quilt and so I re-purposed a bulletin board frame to fit my project.

Next I had to embellish per the rules. I decided to do that with the lilies and the lily pads. Using felted wool from old sweaters, some stretchy fabric from a pink shirt I had, lace from a different shirt and buttons from yet another shirt I create some great dimension to two of the corners of the piece. Two aurora borealis pearl butterfly earrings that belonged to my mother-in-law's mother also had just the perfect touch to this piece!

Approximate Dimensions: 30 x 37

Creator: Kim Lapacek
Location: Poynette, WI

The QUILTER: SpringWaterDesigns

My Recycled Scout Memory Quilt


I've been meaning to make a memory quilt with my son's scout shirts and uniform components, so this challenge was a good reason to get it done.

The front, back, and binding are made from a Tiger Cub Tee shirt, Blue Cub Scout shirt, a Tan Webelos Scout shirt, Cub Scout pants, Pack Tee Shirt with motto, Boy Scout Troop Tee Shirt, Tan Boy Scout Shirt. I cut up his light blue Bear Cub Bandana, and plaid Webelos Bandana (the only ones I could find) and used them in piecing throughout.

The quilt is embellished with Scout Patches, Award Pins, Award Ribbons, and metal Bandana Slides. The finished size of this quilted wall hanging is 28" x 40". My quilt was created in Jessup MD
~ Spring Water Designs

The QUILTER: QuiltingDiva



I have been saving my son's shirts since he was little. 2 of them are even little onesies. When I saw the challenge this week I just knew what I was going to do. He's 7 now and kept asking me to make him his t-shirt quilt so I whipped it up. I am not a huge fan of the actual "quilting" process so I used the front and back of the shirts and created 10" rag blocks with flannel. Most of the shirts are blank on the back, but a few have designs or words so that just added to the quilt. I knew I needed to use 3 embellishments so I attached a little lizard toy on the cozumel shirt, a bracelet my sister bought him on the "my aunt loves me" shirt and a button that fell off my sweater on the "O" of the Old Navy shirt. The quilt is so heavy with the 2 sides of the t-shirts and 2 layers of flannel!
He LOVES his new quilt and I feel so good that it is complete. I am still saving more shirts to either add to this one or make another as he grows older.
Made in Tampa, Florida.
Stacy Edell

Quilter: LoveBug Studios

comingofage11The Story:

This quilt, entitled "Coming of Age" is a highly personal quilt for me, as it is made from my debutante ball gown. My mother had been keeping it in her home since 1994, and last fall she brought it to me. I don't think she envisioned me cutting it up, but she had to have suspected it would eventually end up as an art project for me. :)
To embellish the quilt I used three materials: tulle, silk flowers, and satin cording. It measures 46" square.
The original dress contained 117 yards of tulle (yes, I measured), edged with white satin cording. My mom had wrapped the dress in a sheet, which kept it fairly clean but didn't keep the white satin from turning ivory. The fact that the satin had turned (and the coating on the pearls was flaking off) helped me come to terms with cutting up this lovely dress.
I settled on a cathedral window style pattern for the blocks. I used the underskirt and sheet to make the main part of the blocks, and in the centers are silk flowers pulled from an arrangement, covered by squares of the tulle to protect them.
I removed many, many yards of the satin cording and braided 3 strands together. I used this braided cording to outline & quilt the blocks, and it is also used for the binding around the edge. I also took small pieces of it to use as the centers of the flowers.
On the original dress were these beautifull tulle roses with sequin beaded centers; I used those as embellishment around the center block, which is actually the bodice of my gown.
If you count the silk flower centers, there are exactly 17 - the age I was when I wore this dress.
When I made the first cut into this dress, I got really sad and had to step away from it for a couple of days. You have to understand how much I loved this dress when I was younger, and part of me at 17 believed I would wear this at my wedding.
My 33 year old self knows that was a silly (but endearing) idea, but that's what coming of age is all about.

This weeks randomly drawn public prize will win this lovley wristlet made by me! KimsCraftyApple! Read below on how you have seven chances to win!


SEVEN Chances to WIN!

Entry 1: REQUIRED! Leave a comment on your favorite entry and vote for your favorite on the poll on the upper left hand side of the blog. - ***MUST DO***

Optional/Additional Entries – please note – if you want to qualify for these additional entries you must leave a SEPERATE comment for each – if you already follow or are a fan, etc just leave comments saying each. If you write everything in ONE comment you only will have ONE entry…

Entry 2: Follow my blog.

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Entry 7: Sign up for my newsletter in the upper right corner of this page!

***Participants in project quilting ARE allowed to enter in the public poll/contest as well.***

This means you have SEVEN chances to win! I need you to write each of these entries as different comments in order to qualify you for all seven entries and include your email address. If you don’t include your email address I won’t be able to contact you when you win and I will have to choose a new winner. I will be picking the winner at 7pm on Friday, June 18th.


Anonymous said...

I voted for PennyFabricArt because it's a beautiful piece and I like the story behind it.


Anonymous said...

I am a follower.


Anonymous said...

I have your blinkie button on my blog.


Tawny said...

I voted for Karen's Crafty World. I love it! So pretty :)

Tawny said...

I'm a follower as well :)

berrybluecreations said...

I voted for Kims Crafty Apple, because my niece and nephew were involved with Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination and I've been a judge in those competitions!

Missy said...

I voted for SpringWaterDesigns. I love the way she incorporated her cub scout memorabilia into the quilt.

Tamara said...

wow great entries. I voted for spring water designs, i liked the story and the use of the recycled objects.

Tamara said...

glad i found you! Im a follower as well now.

Tamara said...

Im now a fan on facebook too. Glad to find more quilting friends there!

Nancy said...

i follow your blog

Nancy said...

i'm a facebook fan..

Nancy said...

i voted for SpringWater's Boy Scout project. The best use of recycle...

Raige Creations said...

This week was tough, again! I love the theme - I have used recycled fabric for every quilt I have made (only 2 so far). I liked PennyFabric's for the story behind it, the roses quilted on, and the necklace border, and the colors, and the pinwheel design, I guess I could go on...but will leave it at that! Great job EVERYONE!!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I voted for SpringWater Designs Boy Scout memories quilt.

RHYoMomma said...

Really love LoveBug's submission. A beautiful repurposing of a gown (and what an inspiring idea for all of those bridemaids dresses I never worn again!

Love the recycle theme. Hope to see it again.

Dawn said...

I voted for SpringWater Designs Cub Scout memories quilt. I think it was a great idea and inspires me to make one for my son!

Dawn said...

I have become a follower! I was going to become a follower anyway because I am thinking about joining in Season 2! You all seem to be having way too much fun!!!

Dawn said...

I am now a fan on Facebook Project Quilting!

Anonymous said...
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Nancy said...

Wow everyone is so creative! I can't decide who to vote for.

janaemadsen said...

I love for lovebug studios

QuiltieComments said...

1. My favorite is LoveBugStudios, gorgeous!

QuiltieComments said...

2. I follow your blog...and enjoy every post!!

Terry Aske said...

As usual, it was difficult to decide which of the many great entries was the best. I decided on Kim's Crafty Apple.

StudioCherie said...

These stories are all so inspiring and the results are fantastic. Truly a fun weeks worth of entries. Excellent work everyone. I think I am going to have to eenie meanie miny moe to vote.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Liz said...

I was a hard decision but I voted for the Lady bug Studio one.

lrohler630 at gmail dot com

Liz said...

If I won I would get the Flower Ladies Tote bag.

lrohler630 at gmail dot com

Liz said...

signed up for your newsletter

lrohler630 at gmail dot com

sewmeow said...

I'm delighted to vote for Penny Fabric Art! Talk about recycling...some of HER GREAT GRANDMOTHER'S clothing is in there! And the idea, theme, layout, each star.....DEFINITELY, the winner!

sewmeow said...

I follow your blog! and thanks, Kim, for always taking the time to do this for the rest of us!

sewmeow said...

And......just tweeted about it.

sewmeow said...

I chose Flora the Owl from your store...just too cute and very about recycle!

QuiltieComments said...

4. I'm a fan on Facebook

Nicole said...

I am voting for PennyFabricArt. I like the story and the bright colors.

Miranda's Place said...

I liked the piece from Quilter because of the colors.

Miranda's Place said...

I am a follower of the Facebook Fanpage

Miranda's Place said...

I am a follower of the blog at

DownHome Designs said...

I voted, but under duress! LOL It's sooo hard to pick just one! I loved all the stories and how creative each quilter was in the use of recycled materials.
I voted for Kim's Crafty Apple. It must have been hard to sew that canvas with all the paint etc on it. The end result is like a painting in itself!

DownHome Designs said...

I am a fan on FB.

DownHome Designs said...

I follow your blog.

DownHome Designs said...

I tink my favorite thing in your store is this bag.

DownHome Designs said...

I was going to sign up for your newsletter, but the button is only half there and won't work. It's probably just my computer. I'll check back later.

DownHome Designs said...

Ok, I'm signed up for the newsletter. Please ignore the previous typos. (I tink)LOL : P

Sandie said...

I am in such awe of all your crafty quilting! Awesome work, everyone. I voted for Karen’s Crafty World. It is so pretty!


Sandie said...

I follow your blog.


Sandie said...

I'm a facebook fan of PQ

zaftig2k @ yahoo dot com

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