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Friday, January 20, 2012

Architectural Elements – A Closer Look, Part 5

Creations from the Project QUILTING - Architectural Elements Challenge 1. Red door, 2. Sharon S Project Quilting Entry, 3. Trapezoid, 4. Project Quilting 3:1, 5. side view, 6. ImFeelinCrafty-PQ-Wk1-quiltdtl-1, 7. DSCN0798, 8. DSCN1064windows Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Quilter: SweetDreamsbySarah

‘Red door’

Red doorI've always loved the bright pop of a red door on a house, especially up against a relatively simple wall... I made this wall hanging (about 12" square) using gray "siding" and a bright red door, and photographed it hanging on my brown HOA approved door... LOL!

Sarah @ in Chandler, AZ
I blogged about it here...

Inspiration photo: 

Quilter: Sharon S

Champalimaud Center for the UnknownWhen I first saw this photo, I was drawn to the shades of white and gray with the interplay of shadows, backed by the vibrant blue sky. It wasn't until much later that I saw the intersection of the 2 rooflines, making the much smaller squares in the center of the photo. Those small squares became my inspiration, which I recreated using striped fabric and sewing simple straight lines.

Hi, I'm a SAHM with 3 busy girls. I'm from Michigan where I've only Sharon S Project Quilting Entryrecently learned the basics of quilting. This is my first time participating in this challenge and I'm looking forward to learning more! We are always struggling with storage in our 100 yr old house and my girls rec'd a ton of Legos for Christmas which continue to take over our living room. I saw this 17" crate this week and Bingo! I knew what I was going to make! My girls painted it this week and I plan to distress it, add industrial casters, a couple handles and stencil a word on it (PLAY, BUILD, or CREATE).
The crate needs a liner to keep all those Legos from falling out. I had picked up this striped fabric to make pillows for our living room. But after seeing my inspiration photo, I knew it would be perfect for this! I used dark gray thread to contrast with the shades of tan and cream and to bring in the blue from the sky. The bag has a square bottom (my first!) and a draw string to pull the bag out of the crate and take the Legos to play in other parts of the house.

Quilter: Dotty Jane


TrapezoidVicki from Tennessee here with my Trapezoid wall hanging. My inspiration was the trapezoid windows we used when building two houses in the 1990's. I began by building the larger shapes with a log cabin process, added wide black border and fused the smaller pieces for some extra funkiness. The quilting is a spiral free motion. All the fabrics are my own hand dyed pieces except for the black background.Trapezoid windows
I tend to be very literal when I'm designing a piece, so I did my best to go the other direction with this one.
The size is approximately 20 inches by 12 inches.





Quilter: Quilties

PQshinyplace10My inspiration was the tiles on the Iowa State Capitol floor. I thought they were beautiful when I visited the capitol a few years ago and took lots of photos, because I knew I wanted to make a quilt from them someday. This challenge was the perfect opportunity! I almost copied the design, using a photo as a reference and enlarging the pattern at a copy shop. But I changed the colors a bit, to include a shiny gold lamé, to symbolize our favorite part of the state capitol, the gold dome. I used a mix of marbley batiks and prints that had stonelike textures. The yellow even has metallic gold spots.

Size: 29" square
Made by: Emma Thomas-McGinnis of Quilties in Urbandale, IA

IA Capitol Floor


"Tin Roof, Rusted"

My inspiration comes from the original tin Roof in my apartment. I live and work in a 3,000 square foot apartment which is the upstairs of a VERY old building in Milton, WV. The Tin roof has the most amazing pattern in it and I have always wanted to design a quilt after it.
Project Quilting Gave me that opportunity!. . or lit a fire under my butt. . however you want to look at it!

What did I learn from this ? I learned how to do MITERED CORNERS! As the back room of my apartmentmany quilts as I have made in my lifetime, I have never once attempted mitered corners. This quilt has SIXTEEN OF THEM!!! The inner miters are 1/2" FINISHED. . not a good beginning project to learn . . but I managed. ;c)
The Miters took me a bit longer than I anticipated so I didn't get as much quilting in as I had hoped. I'm going to add a bit more quilting today.


Quilter:  I’m Feelin Crafty

ImFeelinCrafty-PQ-Wk1-quiltSeattle, WA

9.5x14 inches

I had this one picture that I wanted to make into a quilt, but it was all grey and black and for some reason it just wasn't calling to me. Then I thought of the EMP building in Seattle and this wonderful pink silk fabric I have... That's when I decided to switch to the colorful from the black and white.

Then I found the inspiration photo with the muted tones contrasting with the EMPbackground color and decided to use that one picture as my inspiration. My quilt is a pretty literal take on the picture! Since the colors in the siding were actually pretty muted I didn't even get to use the bright pink silk I had anyway! But I did need to figure out how to get the mottled look and different shades of color being reflected on the silver siding. This is where the use of layers and layers of tulle came in wonderfully useful.

The inspiration photo can be seen here, by James & Vilija


Quilter:  Mary Beth O Berlin

DSCN0798Architectural Elements
I am a new quilter. I used this challenge to try out several new techniques. The paper piecing version didn't work out so I changed to appliqué instead. I tried a bit of free motion quilting at the top. The edges are unfinished because I plan to make this part of a larger piece. This square is 6x6. It's based off a photo from a trip to Italy. I made it at home in St. Charles, Missouri.     

Castel Nuovo Ceiling

Quilter: patdenino

DSCN1064windowsYes, I know, I'm too late for eligibility, but for me this is more about the creative challenge, so I think I'll share it anyway. Boy, was it a challenge! I tend to be fairly precise, yet only had this one afternoon to make my bit of fabric art. Thus, I eliminated everything except what I considered to be the most basic of elements, and that was the window panes and the tree. I also eliminated my desire to be precise, thus the relatively rag tag binding. So be it. It was fun; my muse enjoyed pushing against some real time limits (I thought I had until midnight).
Oh yes. the piece is a wonky 9" by 9".


Did you miss the earlier closer looks?

Ready for the Home Sweet Home Quilt Along?

PS.  Please VOTE in the Spoonflower Outdated Technology Fabric Contest ( for ‘Keys Madness by KimsCraftyApple).  You can vote for as many fabrics as you want – I just hope you include mine in your selection!  Thanks for all your support!


Next challenge posted at NOON CDT on Sunday, January 22nd!


Katie said...

Everyone's quilts were absolutely amazing! I am in AWE of the amount of talent and creativity out there!
Thank YOU for hosting "Project Quilting." Really gets my creative juices flowing.

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